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    Guy gets into heaven. Sees an old man in a houndstooth hat walking on water. "Is that Bear Bryant?" He asks Saint Peter. "Naw" Pete says, "that's God. He just thinks he's Bear Bryant."
  1. According to Kentucky Ink...he's down to 2 final schools. UK and Memphis. Take it for what it's worth. They failed to mention the JC list that might come up.
  2. If he leaves Louisville because of this, there is going to be a few more top recruits on the market. This is going to be a very interesting few weeks.
  3. I really hate this for the Louisville program after all the accomplishments on the court this year. I guess old Slick Rick decided he needed some off the court accomplishments to go with it? Seriously though, this will taint his career for ever, might even end it quicker than he likes. How do you sell your personal integrity to a top recruit and his parents?
  4. This pretty much sums up what a lot of the kids now days thinks about KY and out storied history.... "Here's what Henry had to say about his finalists. Kansas: "It's only a four and a half hour drive from Oklahoma City, my brother originally committed there out of high school before signing a professional baseball contract, and I know the Kansas tradition through my mom and dad. When my dad received a DVD of their 2008 national championship season, I watched it 50 times; it gave me chills," he said. Kentucky: "I don't know anything about the program's history, but I do know Calipari is the coach. Cal has a feel for building a program. He makes you already feel a part of the program and wants you to succeed. He'll tell you honestly if you are ready for the NBA."
  5. The facebook group has made ESPN:jump: "Memphis coach John Calipari has the track record, though there are some who wonder if the provocative coach would project the right image for a program that still cringes at the recruiting scandal that left the Wildcats in disarray 20 years ago. Getting Calipari also would be expensive, though it hardly seemed to matter to the more than 1,500 people who have joined a Facebook group entitled "Bring John Calipari to UK," one of four groups on the popular social networking site dedicated to luring him to Rupp Arena."
  6. I'd never seen this site before but I'll take it hope...
  7. :lol: I have no idea what this site is, but just for a good conversation piece... **UPDATE**Larry Vaught is reporting that an in-person meeting with John Calipari is occuring or has already occured today. Apparently the decision has been put to Calipari the decision-making process is not anticipated to be a long one.
  8. Michigan State is such a well coached team...
  9. For what it's worth, Matt Jones on KSR is talking about Cal to UK as well. He states Cal has expressed his interest to the UK people about it.
  10. If the things that were state that he actually did to the players in the KSR blog, Gillespie should not be allowed to coach anywhere ever again. That's just my opinion though.
  11. 1) John Calipari." - not sure about his ethics, good recruiter but outside that I don't trust him. 2) Billy Donovan." - Good hire, does things the right way, IMO won't be a long term hire, I think he would bolt for the right NBA job. 3) Tom Izzo." - Should be the top of the list, no questions, does things the right way and probably a long term hire. He is the long ball they need. 4) Travis Ford." - Why? 5) Bobby Knight." - Indifferent. 6) John Pelphrey." - No way... 7) Sean Miller." - Long shot that might work out. 8) Jamie Dixon." - I think would be good, just not sure he's a long term guy either. 9) Jay Wright." - See Tom Izzo, 2nd choice. 10) Rick Barnes.- Please no...
  12. This is disgraceful and IMO UK should make all this information public. If all this is true, the only basketball team Billy G should be allowed to coach at is in a prison pickup game. He should never be allowed to coach any team at an level again.
  13. If you want to restore honor and integrity to the UK program, turn it back in to what it used to be. Tom Izzo is in my opinion the only option and UK should throw everything they can to get him.
  14. If I'm not mistaken didn't 27 report Billy D was hired by UK 2 years ago during circus ol' Kentucky?
  15. Wireman, has any of your people confirmed this to be true?
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