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  1. Final...Good see the Royals finally have all there players healthy and Josh Harris finally on the hardwood..
  2. Solid win for GRC congrats,Still think the Royals can make a run if they get Harris ready and gel over the next few weeks...
  3. Mason jumped out 12-0 grant cut it in half,Mason lead 11 at half and come out in the 2nd half jumped it out to as many 28 points and then grant cut it back to 18 and pretty much a wash from there..Grant played hard seemed to run out gas in the 2nd half though...
  4. This Mason team plays hard missing some very good players with injury right now..IT was tied up after 1 and then Mason only scored 1 point in the 2nd and this looks to be the issue lack of shooting..There half court defense looks good struggled on transitional defense though as a lot was because of long rebounds off the miss shots..They have work to do but will be just fine by years end...They play extremely hard There making up for...JV looked real impressive after there 2nd straight big blowout...
  5. Mason County srimmages are,,, Byran Station at Nov. 19th 12:30pm @Bourbon County Ryle at Nov 25th noon @Ryle
  6. Were young and just learning,Not sure i would say were a top 10 team at this point...
  7. Royals went to Georgia this past week for 7-7 and went 2-2 and they did beat the team that won there pool..Congrats guys im sure it was fun to get away..
  8. Congrats to Goldie and her whole Cards progam,Like to wish you the best of luck in Rupp and bring home another state title to the 10th region.....Good run for PC just fell a little short...
  9. Congrats to GRC on the win i was wrong and good luck Monday...
  10. Congrats to coach Simms and the Wildcats on good win and good luck Monday night,Seniors its been a great ride thanks..
  11. And i assure you if the 2 teams play like they did tonight it won't be that close!!But that's why they play games,Good luck...
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