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  1. I'm not sure about the roads for the two teams traveling from up north, but the roads here in Clark County are pretty clear from the sunshine. Hopefully it's the same way for the other two teams traveling. I hope that everybody making the trip to Mt. Sterling has a safe one.
  2. Mine just happend about an hour and a half ago. Go Cards.
  3. Although I appreciate the nice things you are saying about GRC's team, lets not crown them just yet. Pendleton is more than capable of beating them if GRC plays less than their best. As stated before, more talent doesn't equal a win everytime. I don't think the game will be as lopsided as some think.
  4. Great win for Pendleton against a very tough team on their court. Nice to see Pendleton back in the Region Finals again. Grc nor Scott is a lock because Pendleton is waiting on Monday. Please give the Wildcats some respect.
  5. He was in the 8th grade on the 2007 10th region championship team. He actually hit the two biggest free throws of the season against Scott High in the last 10 seconds of the Region Semis. Kid has ice water in his veins.
  6. Nope I feel awful about the 12 game winning streak that includes wins against 5 of the top 12 teams. I feel horrible about that. Come on be serious. This game doesnt change how I feel about any future games. Even if GRC beat Mason Co. by 50 points tonight I still would feel that if they meet again in the Region tournament its gonna be a dog fight. And yes Mason County has just as good a chance as GRC does to get to Rupp.
  7. Its amazing how yesterday this game didnt mean anything. It was a regular season game. Now all of a sudden since it went well and the score wasnt as bad as most thought it would be, this game is a direct indicator of how a possible second matchup would turnout. I guess Grc shouldnt even make the trip to Maysville if they get out of the district. No reason to waste their time.
  8. And how many times did you say you watched GRC play???? So off of one game you determined they were soft. This "SOFT" team has played and beat the No. 5,6,8,9,11,and 12 teams in the state and lost to the No 10 team by a point. 4 of those teams were from the 11th region which is also one of the most physical regions as far as the style most of the teams in it play. Grc's main weakness is that they dont force teams to play at their tempo so they can impose their size and strength advantage. They are not a soft team.
  9. Everybody in central kentucky calls Lexington Catholic either Lex Cath or Catholic. And as for Clark County, the name of the school is George Rogers Clark High School. Outside of Winchester people call the sports teams Clark County but here in town we call them GRC.
  10. There has already been a thread started for this game
  11. Montgomery County. The girls is hosted by Bourbon County. You can find all the info about the Region and District tourneys at khsaa's website.
  12. Hope that they are able to work something out with the Ballard coaches and get a game with them. That would be an awesome matchup.
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