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  1. GRC already has a state title in basketball. They won the state championship way back in 1951. I know that is a long time ago.....but still a state title.
  2. I woud like to know that too. I would love to meet felow BGPer's.
  3. Congrats to the 10th Region Champion George Rogers Clark Cardinals!! You all played with so much HEART and emotion tonight. Robbie was on fire in the first quarter and really lead the GRC charge that got them the big lead. It was a great atmosphere tonight as both GRC and Pendleton Co brought huge crowds. I love to see communities come out and support their teams. Congrats to Pendleton Co on a great tourney run!! You definitely earned this fan's respect. I saw Goldie storm the floor too and I have PROOF. I took a picture of her storming the floor. A priceless picture to be SURE. I am so proud to be a CARDS fan tonight. GRC wins their 22nd regional championship overall. Congrats again!! I got to see the police escort that the team got back into town too. Pretty cool. There was fans standing on the Bypass with signs. GO CARDS!! Four more games and you will realize your dream.
  4. It should be a great region final between Pendleton Co and Clark Co!!! Maybe Mason fans were counting their chickens before they hatched.
  5. We plan to leave Winchester very early.....as we are expecting a PACKED Fieldhouse tomorrow night.
  6. I'm not stating that they did. Pendleton Co deserves respect and they have my respect. GRC has played argueably the toughest schedule in the state of Kentucky.
  7. Pendleton Co has had a great year, but they haven't played a team with fire power of GRC all year long. Should be a good game, but GRC will prevail.
  8. Great to see you tonight Goldie and watch the game with you. GO CARDS!!!
  9. Great game for GRC tonight. Here is some stats from the game: GRC shot 74 percent from the field in the second half and over 60 percent for the game. GRC outrebounded Scott 34-15 and played suffocating defense. GRC proved tonight that they are the class of the 10th Region. Gotta be ready for Pendleton Co though. They will be fired up. Where is the all the posters that predicted Scott to win this game? Time to eat some crow!!!
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