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  1. Hey 16th Region Fans - 5 posts on the Regional Championship thread? Really???? Come on, guys!! All the posts are one-liners, mostly congrats. Where's the passion? Where's the details from the game? Man...remember back in the Rose Hill-Ashland-Boyd County days? There would 10 or 11 threads going talking about a District Tournament game!!! Holy cow. I've been living in the Atlanta area for about five years now and like to pop in on BGP to get the inside scoop.
  2. Hey mcpapa, good to see you're still around! That's good news about the site and membership. Perhaps there's just more fans from other parts of the state now. But, really, there were four first round games yesterday and the activity was meager. I even noticed it on the Boy's site - very, very low participation from the 16th Region area. That's a shame because back in the day, this was one of the most active areas of bgp participation.
  3. Wow - a great win, but what has happened to Bluegrasspreps??? I haven't been active for a couple of years but there was a day that this thread would've generated 100 posts. So many 16th Region fans chiming in and offering up congrats and game details. Where have all the fans (and posters) gone?? Any old-schoolers out there that knows what I'm talking about????? Hello?????
  4. Didn't Elliott County do well the past couple of years? Didn't they go deep into the Sweet Sixteen tournament?
  5. Who got das boot tonight?
  6. Don't change a thing!!!!!!!
  7. I'm not even sure I know what that means. Rowan was clearly the lesser team today. I'm not complaining about Boone County in the least...if they stuck to Rowan dfensively...that's great! It helped them win...I'm referencing the (tired) whining of some about Rowan "hacking all the way up the floor". This is an over-used lame excuse by some to justify why their inferior programs (teams) can't win vs. Rowan. They're not going to change, so it's best to find new excuses.
  8. Whatever...it's not aimed at Boone County, who is obviously the victor and not an inferior program...it's aimed at the few in the 16th Region that doesn't like Rowan's aggressive style of Dfenz. They've been doing it for years and some can't keep from howling about it over and over and over and over. - Mr. Kettle (or am I Mr. Pot?)
  9. First of all this is a cheap shot - totally uncalled for. Second, Rowan held Boone to 39 points....39 points! You tell me a coach that wouldn't take that anyday???? Just so happened they couldn't throw the ball in the ocean while standing on the beach. Unfortunate.
  10. Rowan's a better team than 26 points. I wish these girls could go to Diddle with some confidence and put up a couple of wins. They're better than this!
  11. Got mine today - but now I can't go!! :( They're great seats...mid-court, row X on the aisle...2 seats....I'll sell them for face value. PM me
  12. Good Lord...we hear this every year....it's getting old.
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