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  1. Congratulations to Rowan County. Beat three good teams in the regional tournament to advance to the Sweet Sixteen back to back seasons. Good luck at state.
  2. I agree , for us it was a lot easier too just pulled in the parking garage and walked right across the sidewalk and we were in. I suppose it is all according to what you are there to do Louisville does have more things as for us we are there to watch the games so Bowling Green is perfect.
  3. I feel the same prefer driving and staying in Bowling Green.
  4. Yes , i was just trying to get you to buy a program 2 Wing QB, 18 Baker RB, 22 Hodge Rec.,28 Williamson RB.
  5. They have the skilled players to put up some big numbers on offense looks like everyone is back to full strenghth after some injury issues during mid season.
  6. Really awesome job by the Tomcats line play tonight on both sides of the ball. Great team effort congratulations . Nice crop of seniors good luck in the playoffs.
  7. Ditto i could not wait any longer. Johnson Central 28 Ashland 24 but beware the Cat usually gets the Bird. Good Luck to both teams should be a great game.
  8. IMO if Ashland can keep J.J. under 250 yards it would be a yeoman like effort. Looking back to last years game as a team Johnson Central rushed for over 400 yds I would imagine the lions share of those were his.
  9. The Golden Eagle defense did a nice job last night only gave up one touchdown the other score for Rowan was on a kickoff return.
  10. Mason Co. hung in there pretty good they will have some offensive success next week.
  11. Great come back listened to the second half on the way back from Montgomery Co. Mason Co. game got home and sat in the car finished it what a performance by Pope and the Bluejackets.
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