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  1. Tough few days for the Colonels. Congrats Birds on the big win!
  2. Every single team for 2 years straight till today. Again if they had an L or two coming into today it wouldn't be an upset. I'm not a CovCath guy or anything so don't think I'm being a homer. I just see state champs that haven't lost in 2 years....
  3. Now they are the best team. It was just a claim before the game. If CovCath came in with a few L's on the season it would be different. They were still undefeated returning champs.
  4. I had to try to find an upset or two this week to pick up a few points. I just happened to pick the wrong games for upsets lol.
  5. Yes. Beating the defending state champs who are undefeated is an upset.
  6. Another fun thought from last night is for the Scott student section. Don't chant over rated to a kid who ended up with 53 and has a full ride to UK, when you will be taking out loans to go to NKU next year LOL.
  7. Chad Ohmer D at Scott has been making teams crazy for past few years. Remember his defensive play as a sophomore was huge in their final 4 run. Yet Allen had 53....make you think it's possible. I think if the kid cared about the record get could get it but I think he is a team player and in games they are up he won't be just adding to his numbers he will work to get others I involved with the offense.
  8. 7 Beechwood 5 Johnson Central 3 Mayfield 2 Corbin 1 Male Johnson Central
  9. Scott is very athletic and quick again, but they sure could some size.
  10. I just got home and I wouldn't have guessed 53. Kid has a ton of potential!!
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