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  1. Tough choice: Hawaii Grand Canyon Yosimite Alaska Pacific Northwest Are all places I haven’t been.
  2. I had slim hopes that they would be cancelled and run as 4 year olds next year and from then on.
  3. I love seeing everyone's pet photos. I'll process some....they are too large to post normally. Proud servant to 5 horses, 2 cats, and 4 dogs.
  4. We have had a Keurig, and we have a pseudo-Keurig at present. We keep some pods on hand but usually use regular (dark roast) coffee in the reusable basket. On a side note, I use a Ninja one cup at a time for the past several years. I saw the commercial on TV a few years ago with Sofia Vergara and casually remarked I'd like to have that....I got a coffee maker :-).
  5. Mrs. doomer had all the symptoms during the holidays. It is the sickest I've seen her, and I was very concerned, and it did not go away quickly, but it did. Maybe, maybe not, but suspicious. What helped her was taking an old prescription for prednisone.
  6. If we can stay healthy I believe we will be Ok.
  7. Prayers for those affected. I grew up outside of Memphis, and we had a number of tornadoes during my time there and they are terrifying. I had one, and a smaller one at that, hit 50 yards from my apartment and moved away one of my last years there...it twisted the wires around the electric poles, blew out the back of Wendy's 100 yds. away and picked up the top of a pizza hut (during dinnertime) next door to the Wendy's and put it in the parking lot, and there were only minor injuries miraculously.
  8. We met minidoomer2 in Lexington Saturday at Ramsey's, and he and I had the Traditional Breakfast...I think it was called. Up to 5 eggs any way you want them, toast, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and three pancakes. Don't try to eat it all, haha.
  9. doomer

    The New Dog

    The leg hiking is a competitive thing when they get a bit older...it's often to leave their mark higher than the next guy. Your dog sounds very normal. Two of my four are labs, and they are awesome dogs. The yellow I have sheds tons as most do, but my chocolate lab doesn't shed that much surprisingly. The yellow sheds enough for all four though. I feel your pain there.
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