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  1. It is possible and recommended to trim a cat's nails regularly which reduces their impulse and ability to scratch up things. Also, cheaper and easier on the cat than declawing. Its not easy at first, but I recently saw aids to help. I have six cats, and they all have claws, but three are long-term barn residents and three live in the garage and loft which is about 1,200 ft. sq. My wife is allergic, so we don't have any in the house, but we did for many years, and we had some scratched up furniture to show for it haha. PS: just looked it up, and their are "hammocks" you put your cat into where they hang with their legs out which makes it easier to clip their nails,
  2. ALL the violations have to do with what the NCAA thought was Memphis’s responses for requests for information and the timeliness during a pandemic BTW. UM has challenged the allegations aggressively. They are subsequent to the James Wiseman issue which which was resolved. It is a witch hunt probably spurred by UK losing Wiseman. NCAA is the most hypocritical organization in the US.
  3. He did. However, his daughter is in school in Nashville for what it’s worth.
  4. @swampratI'm right there with you. I've read every book at least twice as well. Your synopsis is solid. I think they missed an opportunity, for at least some point in the series, attributing the French Medal to Reacher's grandfather as opposed to his mother and her amazing and heretofore secret past during WWII. Or, at least they will have to backstep to tell the story. I probably enjoyed the book, The Affair, as much as any other, and it also provides a lot of insight as to why he lives the way he does.
  5. Yes, he touched Howard. However, isn't it possible that he believed he had a professional relationship with Howard as coaches in the same league, and that they had at least some level of communication? This wasn't just two guys off the street who never met.
  6. I finally bought a smaller Cannon gun safe myself from Tractor Supply. I think is 12-gun or close to that. Now that we live close to grandkids, better safe than sorry.
  7. I am a Reacher fan and read all the books at least once. @mcpapamentioned the books in a thread a while back, so I tried them out. We are through the first four episodes of the Amazon series. So far, although there are differences, the series captures the essence of the characters, and they are so far following the book plot line in general terms. If anyone likes leisure reading of action novels, the Reacher series are great.
  8. I live South of Montgomery, and also my daughter and SIL both teach veterinary medicine at Auburn, so I though I would be able to score a couple of tickets. No dice!! There’s gonna be a big home crowd. I believe Cats win a close one.
  9. Just watched this movie. VERY disappointed. I didn’t like the ending.
  10. What you said as well as the footwear makes a difference. I suspect these guys go for maximum grip which works for or against the player.
  11. WATCH: Graphic Video Shows Florida Man Mauled By Tiger After Sticking Arm in Cage, Tiger Being Shot By Deputy (msn.com) There were only 300 of these animals left on the planet....there are billions of stupid people. I have my opinion on what should have been shot.
  12. nolo contedere Congrats Cincy on a great season and keep it going.
  13. Take a magnesium supplement to prevent. Once they hit, you just have to move around and stretch.
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