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  1. Can't just hit, got to tackle.
  2. Sounds fun, but I think DeLaSalle has lost some of its luster, now that the streak is no longer in tact. I'm sure they will still be blazing fast though.
  3. Sweetwater Wildcats Fri Aug. 18 at Sequoyah Fri Aug. 25 Tellico Plains Fri Sep. 1 at Loudon R Fri Sep. 8 at Walker Valley Fri Sep. 15 Wartburg R Fri Sep. 29 at Rockwood R Fri Oct. 6 Oliver Springs R Fri Oct. 13 at Alcoa R Fri Oct. 20 Meigs Co. Fri Oct. 27 CAK R
  4. Being better than you were the year before, in the coaches eyes.
  5. In addition to Sweetwater Wildcats , I also root for the Sevier Co. Smoky Bears, and now that I live in Missouri, I will be rooting for the closest school to home, the Kickapoo Chiefs
  6. Unless they are counting Summer, weekends, and holidays, ¿ isnt' 180 days basically the entire school year ?
  7. That's what happens when adults kiss the rear of a high school kid. Kids who think they can do whatever the Hedoublehockeysticks they want, usually do.
  8. Firecracker, firecracker, sis boom bah....Rebelalum, Rebelalum...RA RA RA
  9. I can self promote with the best of them. I don't think it's shameless thought. I'm worth the effort :fire: :fire:
  10. Saving the forum Pep. When no one posted in the Sports Entertainment one, it got the heave-ho. Just doing my part to save endangered speceies. I did my part, and all I get is flack. I'll stop trying. Let this forum and spotted owls die out. That's my goal for this weekend.
  11. Nothing in this forum since May 2 so im giving it a boost
  12. This ones really bad. Sorry, I'm no good with Paint
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