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  1. If were talking just a spot up shooting contest between the 2 it would be a classic.
  2. hmmm... I think I know who that would be. Gonna find out though.
  3. I think this solidifies the fact the Lady Bears are a serious contender for a regional title.
  4. Anyone have a scouting report on the Bracken Co. 1st round opponent in the State Class A?
  5. :dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa Congrats Ladies!! Good luck at State!
  6. A varsity coach was hired for FB but I can't remember the name. It's an intriguing situation to say the least.
  7. Whether or not he's talking about Robin or Patrick my statement remains the same. No way. Patrick has built the girls program back on the verge of something special... and Robin is in administration at Augusta and I'll leave that
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