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Finally, a Guru Guess Who for a free hat!


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Here is how the Guru Guess Who will work. I am in the below picture, you have to tell everyone which one is me and why you think it is me (or you can tell why the other four are not me). The funniest response will win a free hat or visor. You can beat up on me (and my buddies in the picture) all you want I just ask that you keep it decent.:banana:


If you have met me or know who I am I just ask that you don't give it away or guess. You can make a funny comment if you like just don't give it away to everyone else.


Have at it!



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Originally posted by ram95

I think you are number 57, I don't know why I think that, but that is my guess.


I know I should have a comment but I really don't.:confused:


Well, I won't say if you are right or wrong but that was not very funny so you lose. No more guessing for you!:walk:

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Originally posted by 83birds

You are number 84 in the picture. I believe that it is a picture of you and you're Beechie teamates obviously taken before the East/West all star game since there is nary a hair out of place on your pretty head.


My pretty head?:lol:


Again, I won't say if anyone is right or wrong yet.

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well let's see...............there's not bald guy with gray hair as trim so I can't use the info from that thread............#10 and # 66 looks like they could be doing some time now not sending anyone up the river:D #84 lost his neck, and #4 well............. I don't think so. So I'll pick #57 he looks like he loves donuts and has a future in law enforcement.:D


what year is this picture?

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