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  1. :scared: I played in the 1983 game I'm feeling old
  2. well let's see...............there's not bald guy with gray hair as trim so I can't use the info from that thread............#10 and # 66 looks like they could be doing some time now not sending anyone up the river:D #84 lost his neck, and #4 well............. I don't think so. So I'll pick #57 he looks like he loves donuts and has a future in law enforcement. what year is this picture?
  3. waiting to go to Mitchell's Bay in Canada on june 6th should catch a boat load of small mouths:D
  4. probably yes (especially after the last few days in there)
  5. how about carp:confused: :kiss:
  6. It is an Ok park to visit, nice one day trip, camp ground not very good or I should say there better ones to go to if your going to go
  7. Band people, never had to deal with them in High school but in college i did
  8. covey that's what i get under on a cold night:D
  9. i see that smith and Wesson has a new gun coming on 6the market i think it's a 50 cal:confused: I know it's larger than a 44 mag
  10. Big Bone:rolleyes: needs some work and a lodge, better camping, maybe some cabins:confused: do head down to Gen.Butler for a weekend get away in the winter and stay at a cabin pretty cool time
  11. saw a pack of coyetes going after something the other night. they we're howling, barking making all kinds of noice (wonder if any of the neighbors cats are missing:burger:? )
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