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  1. I know where you might be able to get some players that could help your team.
  2. Highlands blows a 9 point lead in the third quarter only to come back and win the game by 4 on their home floor. Greg McGraw was the man tonight with 23 points which consisted of drives, 3's and a big one handed dunk. Sophomores again played well.
  3. They won their first two games of the season in the Holy Cross Christmas Tournament to come in third. They lost a heartbreaker to Boone County last night by 2 at the buzzer.
  4. I am sure that the powers that be at the KHSAA would like to read about this. The Brossart website includes a write-up about a game involving kids that do not attend the school yet? Interesting to say the least. Just another example of why there are issues between the privates and the publics.
  5. I am going to say that if Hyder is not returning that the powers to be at Newport will approach Mike Wolff to be the next head coach.
  6. At the NCC game last week, the entire team dressed for the varsity game and it looked like a small army over there. On Tuesday night, there were only 11 dressed and Luke Stein will make 12. Why should Tony G. dress varsity? He has not played basketball since his freshman year. Jake Turner apparently played pretty well in the JV game and perhaps sometime down the road will be able to get some quality minutes. By the looks of things though, coach is going 8 deep right now. As for the game tomorrow, look for another blowout followed by one on Saturday against Bishop Brossart. Birds sho
  7. You mean to tell me that a school allowed a kid to be held back for no reason other than athletic purposes? In my opinion, the grade exceptions are an absolute joke in and of themselves. By the way, what is the cutoff date for determining a kids age?
  8. Here you go 12/11 St. Henry Away 12/13 Campbell Co Away 12/21 Newport Away 12/22 Brossart Home 12/26-12/30 Holy Cross Christmas Tourney 1/3 Boone Co Home 1/9 NCC Away 1/12 Dixie Away 1/15 NCC
  9. I did not say years, I said last several years and to be more direct it would be the last 2 years. Has nothing to do with the current JV coach!!!!!!!!! Anyone that has attended middle school games the last couple of years knows exactly what I am referring too.
  10. Perhaps you should come to Highlands and coach the tough guy mentality or do you already coach there. I know that they have finally found a pretty good choice for the 8th grade team and now all they need is to improve the 7th grade situation. I have sat in the stands and watched this act for the past several years and I am not impressed.
  11. I was wondering the same thing when I drove through this morning.
  12. This was the first game for the freshman team and unfortunately it was against a quality opponent that has already played a few games this year. They need to be given a little time before judgement is passed. I can tell you one thing for sure, there will be no "issues" this year.
  13. The HHS 8th grade boys team demolished the Cats in the nightcap by 31 points. Team has shown steady improvement under the tutelage of Mike Vories.
  14. A Beechwood AA Newport Central Catholic AAA Belfry AAAA Lexington Catholic AAAAA Highlands AAAAAA Trinity Tiebreaker 49 points
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