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  1. I'v only posted about Pikeville college 1 time. And that was a year ago about having a rapist on the team. Totally different thing. It was fun to watch so what? I dont know these guys I dont have kids it doesnt matter to me what they do.
  2. This isnt going to be what you guys want to hear. But the truth is I thought it was pretty cool. Pretty good brawl if you ask me. :lol:
  3. Pitino will whip him into shape. Look what he did for Nazr. Need I say more?
  4. Well he is...Nevermind :lol:
  5. Good pick up for Tubby and UK. I think this guy will be very productive.
  6. I was a fan. Harvick was in a slump from 2002 to last year except for 03. And I still watched every lap.
  7. LOL I think camping out in Bristol this past March is proof I'm a die hard NASCAR fan.
  8. Hey man I'm a true NASCAR fan. Through thick and thin when Harvick struggles I still watch and did when Earnhardt ran bad I still watched. I just dont like Mark Martin.
  9. When did they make going in the grass against the rules? It was at Charlotte so the yellow line rule wouldnt have mattered.
  10. Would of could of should of. But whats that get ya? 0 titles. Mark Martin should have multiple titles I agree.. But his driving style with that equipment has costed him wins. Mark is a really good driver. Just not a great driver.
  11. Mark Martin isnt going to win the title. I promise you that. He will screw it up some how.
  12. Another thing all Mark does is whine. Everytime they ask him about his car this is the response or something similar. "Well our car is junk today we'll see where we end up". Now he will see what "junk" really is.
  13. Storied career? Whats storied about it? Has he ever actually won a big race? Not really he won the Coca Cola 600 but not any of the other big races or the title. I'm glad to see Mark Martin get out of the way and give someone else that ride that can get the most of it. You know he probably has the best equipment at Rouch and what does he do with it? Nothing. He runs around if he lets people go by him and takes what they leave him. He should have atleast 2 or 3 wins this season with that car.
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