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  1. Steven Nelson TB/CB/H 2100+ yards rushing 100+ yards receiving 230 Points 50+ tackles 11 Ints The above is just 2015, he has been doing this for three other years.
  2. Third win Whitley County in 2014 was first last season South Laurel 2015 Southwestern 2015 Best record in Laurel County History equaling South Laurel 1999
  3. [quote Larkey - Rockcastle (292 total at at least 2 schools) Rockcastle County 212 wins-67 losses Harlan County 80 wins
  4. What is wrong with their QB? He is a very good player.
  5. St. X Hazard Estill County Ryle Harlan County Sheldon Clark Danville Belfry Henry Clay Mason County 54
  6. Central's defense is pretty solid, they are really big. However, NL's defense held Central to just 30 yards of offense in the 1st half, whereas NL had over 180 yards. NL ended up with over 400 yards of offense to Central's 275. Central broke off two back to back long 60 and 70 yard TD runs to open the 2nd half. Bell County 35 Madison Central 0
  7. This game used to be an annual event each year to see who went on to the Regional Championship game. The series is lopsided but Rock has had their chances to win this game in several outings only to lose it at the end of the game. Series: Danville 6 Rockcastle County 0 1983: Danville 33 Rock 14 1991: Danville 18 Rock 13 1992: Danville 39-Rock 12 1993: Danville 27 Rock 0 1994: Danville 30 Rock 0 2005: Danville 34 Rock 0
  8. Johnson Central Bryan Station Highlands Christian County Dixie Heights Ballard Lafayette Ryle Prestonsburg Conner 46
  9. ^ I remember Belfry having a BIG 'B' on their helmets in the 90's I thought.
  10. Rockcastle County with the traditional script ROCK with old school white helmet. Has had it unchanged since 1991.
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