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  1. I really enjoyed watching the the Belfry video. As you know I have been around awhile and watched all of these games that have been talked about in this thread so I will try not to repeat what has already been said. These two teams have a lot of respect for each other. This is one of those games that Russell must be perfect and Belfry will have to make a lot of mistakes for it to be an upset. Belfry will be keying on Conley and I expect that will slow him dow. IMO Smith QB will have to throw the ball alot and with accuracy. Russell has some very good recievers who can make big plays. I feel that is the key for Russell to have any chance.
  2. The Rams are a very good football team and could very well be #1 in the state. If Russell plays a perfect game they have a chance. If they don't it could get ugly. If Brewer #18 touches the ball 10 times it will make Russell's chances even better. Russell 13 Raceland 7
  3. I was in the auto parts store today and two guys were talking "state championship". Way to early to be talking about that. Rams win this one.
  4. I have to question the play calling on Russell's part. Just awful.
  5. Ashland will be hungry. This could be a very good game if Russell came move the ball on offense.
  6. I would agree with you. The Ironton community does not like to loose. They live for the fighting Tigers. They appeared to have the players but we're just not that machine you expect.
  7. Brinkman is questionable for friday. I know the kid and if they will let him on the field he will be there.
  8. The O lines for both teams were not able to control the D line of either team. Russell must do something with the O line or it's going to be a long season. Lets not forget just how well the linebackers played for Greenup. I would say that this was the worst offensive performance by Russell in the 16 years that I have been attending games.
  9. I think that this should be a very good game. I feel that the Russell running backs Conley, and Blackburn will have to compensate for a just average Russell offensive line. Greenup has a good team and will be ready for this one. If Russell can hang onto the ball they should win this one. Russell 35 Greenup 28
  10. I see Belfry shutting the Russell team out. Russell does not have the big aggressive line that is needed to stop the pirates. I will be very surprised to see Russell score on the ground. If they score it will be through the air. Russell passed allot against Central getting ready for Belfry. The only way Russell wins this game is if Belfry is stopped on offense and Russell can score at least 1 TD. I just don't see that happening. Belfry 42 Russell 0
  11. Not speaking of you or anyone on here. Just what I see from time to time at games. I'm not arguing your point.
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