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  1. I'm just wondering if this is correct... 7 home games seems a bit much. Any JC people out there to clarify this? Thanks in advance.
  2. I think 5 is the norm. Nice home game though... :walk: good luck.
  3. Looking at different schedules. Saw where Johnson Central has 7 home games... 7!!! Is this correct? I'm not sure if I've ever seen that many home games. Thoughts?
  4. Neither varsity team scored. JV scored on a long td pass from the younger Ratliff to Wilson. Only score of the game.
  5. It was a good scrimmage. Defensive struggle. Ashland looked good against a really good looking team. Didn't look like SV got all their playmakers the ball. We, on the other hand, have really good playmakers and got them the ball is space. Brandt with a really good catch, going up over a defender. 74 Nester for SV looked like he rolled his ankle, and played sparingly. Adkins looked like he got a little hurt on his run. We were without 3 starters as well. Caines and Brandt, if Caines gets back in time, are going to be hard to deal with. Impressive.
  6. Saw this on social media this evening: If no one is doing anything around 9:30 in the morning, the 2nd ranked 3A team in West Virginia plays the 5th ranked 4A team in Ky at Putnam Stadium. Should be a good one. Spring Valley vs. Ashland
  7. Yes, I believe we are at Sheldon Clark and home against Spring Valley
  8. Saw the other day in the Herald-Dispatch that former Ashland back up QB, Will Adkins, got his first offer from a D-2 school in West Virginia. Congrats from a former Tomcat. Good luck.
  9. Just saw where Caines broke his right hand. Hate it for the kid. What does this do for the Cats on offense and defense.
  10. The rumor around Ashland was that Johnny Lemaster was interested in the position. I guess that's all it was, a rumor. Good luck Coach Simpkins.
  11. I'm excited to see what Mays will bring to the table. Unlike college, you get what you get in high school. I know these boys liked to run, but could also slow it down and take the air out of the ball when needed. Does anyone know what style of ball he likes to play? I'm a big proponent of adapting to the style of your team rather than forcing my style on players that may or may not be able to play that way. Just curious.
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