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2010 Pick 10 Contest (Week #1)


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There are ten games and all you have to do is pick the winner of all ten games. We (the staff at BluegrassPreps.com) will choose one Super Game each week worth 5 points.


Next, out of the remaining nine games, you have to pick two bonus games which will be worth 3 points each.


Finally, you need to pick the winner of the remaining seven games which will all be worth 1 point each.


There will be TWO tiebreakers: (1) TOTAL POINTS scored in the 5pt Super Game and (2) Time of post.


A quality prize goes to the winner. Check here for a reference.


The deadline for all entries is 5pm EDT Friday.


Here are the Week #1 games:



Boyle County vs. Johnson Central 5p Super Game


Christian County vs. Warren Central

Prestonsburg vs. Belfry

Lafayette vs. Tates Creek

Highlands vs. Manual

Pleasure Ridge Park vs. Ballard

Oldham County vs. Conner

Covington Catholic vs. Ryle

Dixie Heights vs. Newport Central Catholic

Bryan Station vs. George Rogers Clark



Remember the format or your entry is void:















Tiebreaker #1


Good Luck!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Boyle ...... 5 Points


Christian County ........ 3 Points

Highlands .......... 3 Points


Belfry ....... 1 Point

Tates Creek ....... 1 Point

Ballard ..... 1 point

Conner ..... 1 Point

Ryle ..... 1 point

Dixie Heights ..... 1 Point

Bryan station ..... 1 point




Tiebreaker :::::::: 36 Points

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