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  1. Big win for the Eagles. Especially after the outcome of the last game they played.
  2. Highlands/CovCath will be a huge game. Conner/Cooper will be good as well but as an Eagle fan I will have to go watch Scott/Holmes and hope this game is better than the last one.
  3. Hoping the Bengals bounce back this week after a tough loss. I think the Bengals come out ready to go after being embarrassed in New York. Bengals by 17.
  4. I have had a few show up in the house. I usually get them and flick em off the back deck.
  5. Such a great coach. Prayers to his family, friends, coaches that coached with him and players that played for him.
  6. I think I would enjoy not being around a bunch of people considering I'm a big fella 🤣.
  7. I'm actually kinda excited about this. It may not be a great fight but just seeing him fight again makes me happy.
  8. I know it said they are waiting to hire a coach but are there any names being thrown around yet for this job?
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