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  1. Hardly. Certainly you can acknowledge the clear disparities between large schools and small schools, urban schools and county schools, public and private. Now I'm not saying you can address every aspect of "equality" of competition, that's impossible and even ludicrous to think, but to add to the advantages of the "more talent laden" teams by reducing or eliminating altogether a tactical opportunity (defense, stall, etc.) just makes the problem worse in my opinion. Calling it bad coaching is the real cop out. Easier to point fingers and play the blame game I guess than to address the root problem. This will, in my opinion, reduce even further the number of programs able to consistently compete for championships. But, either way, I'll still love high school basketball.
  2. I guess we'll just respectfully disagree on this point. What are your feelings on disenfranchising smaller, less populated schools even more so with this rule?
  3. Not at all what I said. I believe high school students need to learn ALL aspects of the game not just get up and down the floor and shoot against passive partial defense. And yes, I've been to a few AAU games in my time. Shot clock basketball simply does not promote defense, passing, understanding floor positioning (other than to set up for your shot) and much more. Also, I think this promotes the HAVE's to yet another level above the have-nots. You may not like slow-down basketball or precision offense, but that is what helps level the playing field for less talented and/or less populated programs. So if a shot clock is going to ever be a go in the high school game, then I believe you MUST classify the sport or just assume the same 5% of schools in the state will be the sole contenders.
  4. Yup. Exactly my point. BEYOND High School where the skill level and understanding of the game is much higher.
  5. First of all, it's not a "product." To whom are we selling this? Secondly, the whole idea is to teach the kids the game. There really are two sides to it, offense and defense. At a higher level with higher level skills, go ahead, fire away. Shot clock games really have little to no "strategy" as you suggest at the high school level. the team with the bigger, better athletes who can shoot, win the games. And no, I'm not the "what we're doing now works so let's not change" crowd. Want to effect change? Classify the sport.
  6. This is a horrendous idea in every way, shape and form. If this happens, classification better be adopted along with it.
  7. So you're a regular at practices and team meetings then? Silliness.
  8. Just noting that as reference to some of the conversations that took place between this coach and, what I assume is, his new AD. Strikes me as a bit out of place maybe. Just a passing thought.
  9. And your understanding is incorrect. Most Independent Districts are NOT open enrollment and follow pretty much the same rules as the county districts. I'm not saying all, and I'm not saying none. But most independents are much smaller and draw from a much smaller community base so I'm not exactly sure where you get the idea that there is an advantage athletically.
  10. Talented? No. Polished? Absolutely. The expectation that freshmen will ever look as polished as seasoned upper classmen is unrealistic at best. Not a defense or indictment of anyone's view or opinion of the UK system, just a realistic view of athletes and their development.
  11. I'm always fascinated by the fact that we track wins and not total games coached. I wonder who has coached the most GAMES in northern Kentucky. You put no less work in for the losses than you do for the wins, right? Just a thought.
  12. Add Dixie and St. Henry to that mix.
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