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Mason County to Return to Hawaii

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Per the attached article, Royals to play in the Iolani Prep Classic again. I'm guessing that one of the reasons for the repeat invite was the fact that there were more fans from Mason County attending than from any of the other schools when the Royals were there three years ago.




From Coach O'Hearn:


"We're excited about it, and it says a lot about our program that we'd be invited twice in four years to a tournament this prestigious. I hate to say it's a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity, but it really is for a school like us. There are teams like DeMatha or Oak Hill Academy who regularly travel around to tournaments like this, but this is a big deal for a little old public school from Kentucky."

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How nice, I wonder if they need a photographer to travel along?


I'm not sure.


What I'm thinking is that they need someone who meets the following criteria:


1. Someone familiar with the team but not so close as to lose all semblance of objectivity. In other words, someone with whom the players and staff are comfortable but not intimately so.

2. Someone with writing/journalistic skills bordering on the extraordinary; possessing unquestioned mastery of the language. Ability to spell, punctuate, capitalize and grammarize properly is essential.

3. Someone who is willing, no matter how difficult it may seem, to sacrifice a few days out of the busy holiday schedule to frolic on the beach, watch and report on basketball games, and attend an occasional luau.

4. Someone who is a BGP moderator residing in Mason County.

5. Rudimentary photography skills preferred.

6. Must be 55 years old at the time of the tournament. Not 54, not 56. 55.

7. An absolute must - the willingness; nay, the eagerness, to swim, snorkel, play golf, and eat copious amounts of food at a moment's notice.


I think that pretty much covers it.

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