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  1. Game was tied with 8 seconds to go. Pelfrey 3 put them up by 3.
  2. Load the KHSAA app on your phone. Easy and free and has every score as it happens.
  3. Allow the legal system to handle. The coaches initial comments are sad but expected. Hope for a quick and speedy recovery. If found guilty I hope for a maximum enforced sentence. To me verbal abuse is what administrators in gyms need to crack down on hard. It's time.
  4. I attended both boys and girls games and watched replays for 10 buck. Atmosphere was pretty nice regardless of size of the crowd. Kids were in awe of Rupp. Me too.
  5. $10 bucks to watch all games on internet. Wonder how many took advantage of that. Got to be a big number. And this had to hurt attendance.
  6. Beechwood. Tough row to hoe but they are playing as well as anyone.
  7. Someone said it’s been ten years since they went to Regions. Unverified but the word last night at the gym.
  8. Senior Night, hard to beat a team at home on senior night but these are two very explosive teams. Should be a good one for the fans. Come on out. I plan to be there.
  9. For me it is simply enough to just watch these games play themselves out. Great year for NKY girls basketball. Polls don't do much for me. Play on. Lovin it.
  10. Minimal but far reaching. A guy from Stockholm had comments. Nothing I can’t handle. BLOCK
  11. Good to not be undefeated. Who needs that monicker. Great win for Boyd, learning op for Ryle.
  12. Ludlow is looking great! Teamwork and hustle are keys to their success. They just want to win.....
  13. Ryle is clearly the team to beat, if they stay healthy I look for them to be a strong state contender. Of course I just take pictures so what do I know.
  14. I fly into Atlanta at 730am Thurs. Opinions on that happening?
  15. When you have to win by 2 and a serve goes long or into the net is heart wrenching. Happened a lot.
  16. 38 36 game was wild. Great game, great spirit.
  17. Danneman was there for a good portion of the night. Quite an event as always. Breast Cancer Awareness.
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