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  1. Fried pickle loaf,on bread,with catsup.
  2. I hope I can get a haircut soon. Getting a little shaggy.
  3. Good high school basketball game played in front of a packed house in the Campbell County Middle School Gym. The Mustangs came back from a 11 point deficit to win.Carson Schirmer's ability to get to the basket and draw a foul was the key to pulling out the win. Good contributions from a lot of the Mustangs to erase the lead .
  4. I was in until yesterday. It played while I was eating at Skyline prior to going to the Xavier game. Believe it or not , the first song I heard when I got into the car was The Little Drummer Boy. 2 times in ten minuets.
  5. I probably drive past 10-15 pizza places to go to Dewey's in Crestview Hills. Hands down the best!
  6. Today Oct.21st is our 52nd. I am a lucky guy.
  7. Now that homegrown tomato season is over,bacon can go. No more BLT.
  8. The U K band will play before the game ,during halftime, and after the game.
  9. Is Alison Krauss considered to be country ? I did see one billboard with her name on it ,but no mention of her in any of the programs Overall I really enjoyed the production.
  10. I picked up a bottle of Pumpkin Spice Wine last wed. at the Ft. Thomas farmers market. I want to open it but will probably save it for our Thanksgiving get together. I will be the hit of the party.The wine was just bottled that day. It is from Stonebrook Winery.
  11. I have tried to watch . Just can not enjoy it. I have several grandchildren who play soccer. I go to watch them and encourage them, however I am grateful the games only last 1 hour.
  12. I don't know which is worse, the howlers or Thom.
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