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  1. Brady Hayes played for Salem International in Salem, WV last year but I do not see him on this year's roster. Tanner Verst (Brossart) is at Alice Lloyd College and Ethan Doty is pitching at Otterbein (and doing quite well from what I see on Twitter). TC Eades of Ludlow is playing at Berea.
  2. Evan Slone is still playing at Division 2 Alderson Broaddus University. He is a junior. He has seen limited playing time due to not being able to shake the injury bug.
  3. The Panthers move to the district finals against Dixie. Great win!
  4. Ludlow starts two seniors, two juniors and an 8th grader. Juniors Abby Mahan and Karina Casterellon were huge in this game. If I'm not mistaken, Abby is averaging 22-24 points per game.
  5. Congratulations! My upcoming JR was accepted into NYUs precollege program and received a nice scholarship. We deposit her in NYC next week for 6 weeks. I'm going to miss her horribly. Next year, she will be applying to the GSP. I hope your daughter loves it!
  6. The Farmstand in Union is fantastic. Although I highly doubt they serve liver and onions. Florence and the surrounding area severely lacks in independently owned establishments.
  7. According to the River City news at the latest Ludlow Board of Education meeting, Wofford is moving on to a new career. I have no idea what that entails (leaving the district or not).
  8. Evan Slone is still playing at Alderson Broaddus University. Division II in WV. He has been injury ridden these past 2 seasons (multiple surgeries including eye surgery--he suffered a terrible eye injury playing travel ball a few years ago and is still dealing with the trauma). I do foresee him to start getting more playing time this year and if he can stay healthy playing more next season.
  9. One of the 2016 Boone pitchers (can't think of his name) went to Morehead with Jake Zeiglmeyer.
  10. Definitely thinking of Mr. Beard and his family. He was principal at Ludlow when my son was there.
  11. Sophomore Cody Kramer transferred back to Ludlow this year from CCH.
  12. Welcome to the Panther Softball family. Coach Scott seems to be very well liked and the girls are happy with this hire!
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