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  1. At the end of the day. A Shot clock will not determine the winner. Coaches and players need to adapt. I wasn't there however it sounds like Walton made SK plays its game instead of SK making Walton play there game.
  2. 1. Ryle (Returns One of the top players in the nation) 2. Southwestern (Kylie Foreman Suffered ACL of the Summer) 3. Sacred Heart (Louisville) (Toller Coming off 2 ACL tears) 4. South Laurel ( Got most players back plus 6-3 Somerset Transfer) 5. Mercy ( 2 Great players) 6. Franklin County (Young but very talented) 7. Scott County (Returns 2 of the top three players from LY) 8. Simon Kenton (Sidney Thomas From Holey Cross transferred in??) 9. George Rogers Clark (Lost 2 D1 Players) 10. Highlands (Young but very Deep team)
  3. Dixie and Ryle Ryle wins final in a close game to advance to state for the second year in a row.
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