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  1. Anyone know of any front runners for the position? I would think a decision would have to made sooner than later.
  2. Ryle beats Letcher Eastern beats Bullitt East Pikeville beats Casey County Anderson beats Franklin Marshall beats Henderson Russell beats Bowling Green Sacred Heart beats South Laurel Owensboro beats GRC Who do have?
  3. “Anyone know why Coach Murphy wasn’t on the floor at the end? Kind of odd.” No one seems to have a legit answer. I’ll call it being a sore loser. From what I’m told this is not the first time. He got out coached and out played. He falls back on having a young team. At several points in the game Ryle had 1 sophomore, 1 freshman and 2 eighth graders on the floor. Don’t look past the 2021 Raiders next year.
  4. Was not a good show of sportsmanship or class if he left because they lost. I hope it was that and not an emergency for personal reasons. That would be the only reason he gets a pass for not being out there with his team.
  5. Looking forward to a good match up. That’s what is fun about this match up. Could be a close game or could be easy win by either team.
  6. I don’t know if it favors either but historically speaking I think it would hurt the Pandas.
  7. Kayla will be just fine next year. With the 500 points she has from Villa. I would expect her to get to 1500 point plus. She is a great kid as well. Pretty good soccer player from what I hear.
  8. Conner beat Ryle by 1 in OT. That was Maddie’s first game back from injury I think. Played most of the game but wasn’t 100%
  9. Ryle poured it on tonight. Welcome back Austin Johnson!!
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