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  1. Congratulations to Notre Dame Academy. I watched the livestream on Saturday night. It was fun to watch two great programs go at it. We may have disagreed how the Pandas got to the finals, but in the end these two varsity varsity teams were clearly the best in the state. Job well done, Pandas. Glad to see the trophy back in northern Kentucky after a 26 year absence!
  2. If anyone chooses to read my past threads on volleyball, I have been an unbiased representative of mostly region 9 volleyball. I have been fair and objective. The tide turned for me when I was asked if I wanted to change my picks for the tournament by Colonelfan after NDA won the first round game. Little did I know that the rules would change overnight into Tuesday. If you read the article about coach Kaiser, St. Henry was fully expecting to play the NDA JV team. My predictions were based on St.Henry playing NDA JV. I was called out by a Panda/Colonel loving colonelfan. I was then called out by Vballtalk who must be the authority on everything COVID-19 related. Vballtalk must also have direct knowledge of video that allowed NDA to have "self quarantined" themselves. This self quarantine must be part of their "higher standards." I wonder if NDA would have drawn Newport Central Catholic or Holy Cross in the first round if their varsity would have played that first round game. Seems awfully convenient that they were amazingly allowed to play on Tuesday. Obviously, Coach Kaiser from ST. Henry was planning on playing the JV from NDA as late as Monday evening. I also heard that the NDA team did not go to school on Tuesday and had a practice on Monday night. I do not know this for sure but that is what I have heard. If this is true, I wonder if any of the other teams in the tournament could have missed school on Tuesday and still played. I am not bitter. I only want every team to play by the same rules. We may disagree on whether or not rules were broken. I believe rules were at the very least bent if not fully broken. Vballtalk, I hope your Pandas represent the 9th region well down state. I also hope that each team plays by the same rules this year and in the years to come. To quote Vballtalk "Jesus love us." Over and out! I will not comment on this post again but I do look forward to any comments that are positive or negative. It's about time people take an interest in something other than football or boys basketball on BGP's!
  3. I guess congratulations are in order for NDA. I wonder if the parents, nuns, coaches and administrators feel good about this championship?
  4. Endoftime, even though I don't know coach Kaiser personally she seems like a class act. You certainly must love the game of volleyball and the art of coaching to last thirty years at the same program. There are other examples around Northern Kentucky of coaches lasting long times at the same program. I believe The coach at Ryle has been there quite sometime also. Since my daughter played in the early 2000's, there has been a total of six different coaches at NDA. Obviously, these coaches didn't last because they didn't win. There must be something about the culture that makes these coaches want to leave or are asked to leave a program with such a storied history of winning. Anyway getting back to the real reason for this thread, I expect NDA to get past Ryle despite Ryle's best efforts. Lucy Trump is fun to watch and she will need to bring everything she has to the floor tonight for Ryle to shock the 9th region.
  5. After researching your statement that this is all irrelevant in regards to the 8:00 time frame. The first Round game with St. Henry stated at 5:30 on the 27th. So it is relevant in regards to time. If CDC guidelines are truly down to the minute, NDA would have been 150 minutes too early to be out of quarantine. So much for your down to the minute statement.
  6. Vballtalk, I find your explanation and statements hard to believe. So you are saying that, not a single player was within six feet of the coach for a cumulative of 15 minutes within a 24 hour period. Does the video include a 15 minute period of warmups and most likely close to an hour match. Assuming that Ryle used all 6 of their time outs during the three set match, that would be 12 minutes in a huddle listening to the coach. I am also assuming that NDA did not call a single timeout in the entire match. It doesn't take too long to accumulate 15 minutes of 6ft contact within a 24 hour period. Obviously, you are in close contact with someone at NDA to have access to game tape or video. I am sure that a lot of people reading this back and forth conversation would like to see that video. Your statement is at very best a stretch of the truth and more likely a flat out lie. Simply put, NDA got away with something that no other school could have or should have.
  7. Tones, I was unbiased until today. NDA not having to follow the rules that all other schools follow is sending the wrong message to young adults. I would hope you would agree.
  8. Colonel-fan your wrong. NDA was supposed to be quarantined until Wednesday October 28th due to the fact that the head coach tested positive for COVID-19. According to CDC guidelines the 14 day quarantine ended on Wednesday the 28th. The diocesan guidelines are the same for all the other private schools in the tournament. The same would be true of the public schools from Boone County if the board of education were to quarantine a team. 14 days is 14 days! Due to the fact that NDA is technically not part of the diocese of Covington, the Nuns that run the school ruled that they could play on Tuesday. I am sure there was plenty of arm twisting to get this approved by the Nuns! That is why NDA plays by a different set off rules. No other school has a get of jail early card that can be played at any convenient time. Is there any wonder why NDA is disliked by so many? In the past, I have defended NDA and their program. I actually have a daughter who played volleyball and graduated from NDA. I, most likely, will have to change my stance on NDA. My information is accurate and on point!
  9. My bracket was based on the fact that NDA was being quarantined to Wednesday. The fact that somehow NDA was reinstated at the last minute seems unfair to this outsider. Colonel-fan your favoritism to NDA and Cov Cath is obvious. I am just an unbiased volleyball fan looking to watch high quality volleyball in person. Hopefully next year I will be able to buy a ticket and watch in person. May the best team that follows the rules that everyone else has to win the region. May that team bring home the hardware that Northern Kentucky longs for.
  10. I just heard that NDA's varsity will be allowed to play tonight against St.Henry. This is a day earlier than quarantine would have allowed. This smells fishy to me. Anybody else hearing anything?
  11. First Round games Ryle over Newport Central Catholic Holy Cross over Dixie Saint Henry over Notre Dame Cooper over Highlands Semifinals Ryle over Holy Cross Saint Henry over Cooper Finals Saint Henry over Ryle.
  12. Wow that's an incredibly long streak of winning sets.
  13. I have heard that Saint Henry will come off of quarantine on Tuesday and that Notre Dame will be back on Wednesday. Would it not make sense to push back the opening round games to Wednesday and Thursday? That would make the semi finals on Friday with the finals on Saturday. I want all teams to be at full strength when the tournament starts.
  14. Thanks for the update. Hopefully these two programs can meet on the court after quarantine.
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