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  1. I have heard that Saint Henry will come off of quarantine on Tuesday and that Notre Dame will be back on Wednesday. Would it not make sense to push back the opening round games to Wednesday and Thursday? That would make the semi finals on Friday with the finals on Saturday. I want all teams to be at full strength when the tournament starts.
  2. Thanks for the update. Hopefully these two programs can meet on the court after quarantine.
  3. I have not been able to attend any games this year due to the pandemic. It seems like a lost season for me personally. However, I can't just loose my interest in the game of volleyball. I have heard that the Notre Dame and Saint Henry volleyball teams have been recently quarantined with positive cases of COVID-19. Can anyone verify this?
  4. Ryle High School had a strong showing in the Louisville invitational tournament this weekend. They beat Sacred Heart and with Sacred Heart already besting Notre Dame Academy And Saint Henry this makes Ryle the early season favorite in the 9th region. This may be the year that Ryle gets to the state tournament!
  5. Glad to see Notre Dame Academy getting two first place votes. They are loaded with talent. I believe they have three D1 seniors on their roster.
  6. Now that we know we will have some sort of volleyball season, here are my top ten teams in the 9th region. 1. Notre Dame 2 Saint Henry 3. Ryle 4. Cooper 5. Highlands 6. Holy Cross 7. Dixie Heights 8. Conner 9. Beechwood 10. Newport Central Catholic What does everyone else think?
  7. I agree with you 100%. If you look at other high school sports, the state tournament venue is usually played at a college facility. Basketball is played at Rupp arena. Football is played at Kroger field. Baseball is played at the Lexington Legends field. Why not take the state volleyball tournament and rotate it through all parts of Kentucky. Here is my idea. Western Kentucky University could host one year. Northern Kentucky University (Regents Hall) could host one year. University of Louisville one year. University of Kentucky (Memorial Coliseum) could host one year. These venues could also use it as a recruiting tool for their various programs. As far as expanding the tournament and seeding the tournament, this is long overdue. The state tournament in volleyball has become anti climatic and somewhat boring to watch. 12 of the 15 matches this year were 3 games to 0 sweeps. There needs to be better competition and expansion and seeding would enable this.
  8. Colonel-fan, I could not agree more with the St. Henry coach. Not only did the hitters hit more aggressively, the entire team served to zones and with much more pace all night long. Notre Dame has 11 juniors on their roster and a bunch of strong sophomores and freshman. They are going to be strong in the years to come. The Pandas will have to have someone step up at setter next year. Grace Ward played a nice and steady game both on offense and defense with a couple of nice blocks. She will be the senior that is hardest to replace. I hope the Pandas do well at State!
  9. Notre Dame was clearly the better team tonight. Congrats to the pandas! Pandas win in three convincing sets. They served better and played with a winning attitude. Good luck at state. Bring home some hardware for northern Kentucky.
  10. It should be another epic match tonight with the last three regional finals between these two powerhouses going to a decisive fifth set. Notre Dame winning three years ago and St. Henry taking the last two. I stand by earlier prediction at the beginning of this thread. Notre Dame wins in an exciting match. Game time is 7:00 at Boone County.
  11. Highlands played with a lot of emotion and enthusiasm. I believe that was the difference in this first round win over Dixie Heights. Job well done Bluebirds! The rest of the first round games went as planned. Lucy Trump from Ryle is fun to watch as a volleyball "Junkie." If things go as planned the Notre Dame Academy/St. Henry Final should be fun to watch. Notre Dame and St. Henry show flashes of brilliance and then run into rough patches. Both of these teams should not take their Semi final opponents lightly.
  12. In a remarkable piece of irony, the first round games of the 2019 9th region tournament will feature the exact same matchups as the 2018 9th region tournament. The first game on Sunday at Boone County High School will be Cooper and Newport Central Catholic. I like Cooper advancing in this game. Notre Dame Academy and Ryle High School is next up at 3:00. Notre Dame Academy should march onto the semifinals unless Ryle's hitters have the game of their life. Next up at 4:30 is the Dixie Heights and Highlands High School game. This is the most interesting game of the first round. I like Dixie Heights in this one in what should be an exciting game to watch. The night cap at 6:00 features Holy Cross High School and Saint Henry District High School. Saint Henry should advance to the semifinals. In the semifinals, I like Notre Dame Academy over Dixie Heights and Saint Henry to move on to the finals over Cooper High School. This sets up another Notre Dame Academy and Saint Henry final on Wednesday the 30th. I think Notre Dame Academy stops their two year hiatus from the state tournament and wins the 9th region title in a 4 set victory. What does everyone else think?
  13. Is Russell the team to beat in the 16th region? I know that Rowan County is usually pretty good year after year.
  14. vbtalk, you were right on the money! You need to play the lottery soon. Your analysis was spot on. I was certainly surprised at the level of play by SHDHS. NDA's defense was incredible and the Long girl was the difference maker at the net.
  15. It is that time of the year again. The annual "Playing For A Purpose" game is on Friday night. Most importantly the event is held each year to promote awareness and to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. Notre Dame Academy takes on Saint Henry District High School. The "Event" and or social gathering eventually gets down to a volleyball game. In terms of volleyball, I think Notre Dame has too many weapons to be stopped. I like Notre Dame Academy in this one in relatively easy fashion. What are others take on this game/event/social gathering/good time?
  16. Thanks for the information. It must have been a great tournament.
  17. In what I thought would be much more competitive game Notre Dame Academy breezes past Dixie Heights High school in a Saturday afternoon match up. Notre Dame Academy put their foot on the gas and did not let up. Dixie Heights looked over matched and never got into any sort of flow whereas Notre Dame had multiple hitters hitting well.
  18. Notre Dame Academy's junior varsity team only lost to Assumption high school last year and there appears to be plenty of players on their roster who are eager to get on the court this year. The bigger question for Saint Henry is who is going to step up and replace Bessler at setter this year. I believe that Noll, as a Junior Varsity setter last year, did not play club this year. I wonder if she even plays this year. I hear she may stick with golf as she is a very good golfer. Dixie Heights lost the Metzger girl but has a good group of underclassmen and I think they may contend for the 9th region title. Dixie Heights did take Notre Dame Academy to 5 sets twice last year. Cooper will be rebuilding and will have a tough time replacing Morgan Kelly. Ryle will lean on the Trump girl as she is impressive. Holy Cross has some players but will lack the depth to contend for a 9th region title. This is my way too early prediction for how the 9th region stacks up this year.
  19. Now that the club season is over with both AAU and USA volleyball finishing their respective national tournaments over the last few weeks, the attention turns to the high school season. Is this the year that some team other than Notre Dame Academy or Saint Henry District High School wins the 9th region tournament?
  20. Really great conversation about the state tournament in volleyball. I waited to way in on the conversation until everybody made their statement. I could not agree more with vbtalk. The current format leaves far too many deserving teams out of the tournament. Notre Dame Academy, Sacred Heart Academy, Henry Clay, Dixie Heights, Cooper, and Ryle High School come to mind this year that could easily make the 8 at large teams. The 24 teams should be seeded. The only problem with this is the logistics of it. It would most likely require an extra day for the tournament if the final day is for the championship game only. This tournament needs to be changed or tweaked a little bit to make it more entertaining. 13 out of the 15 matches were decided 3 games to 0 in this years tournament. There was not a single five set match in this years tournament. There needs to be more competitive matches and the only way to do this is have more competitive teams in the tournament.
  21. Congrats to all the players selected. Glad to see that a defensive player of the year award is now being honored.
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