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  1. 1. Your lack of acceptance of the facts does not affect the factuality in any way. 2. the video does include the warmups, NDA’s warmups are player led, not coach led 3. timeouts are 1 minute, not 2 minutes. That minute includes leaving the court and getting back on the court. 4. There are maybe 3-4 athletes at most within 6 ft of the coach during the 1 minute timeout, and it’s not usually the same players in each timeout. 5. you don’t know me or anything about me and calling me a liar still doesn’t change the facts. You can admit you jumped to conclusions, that would be the right thing to do. 6. You have clearly made up your mind and knowing the facts won’t change that. That makes me sad for you. 7. Jesus loves you, still.
  2. Deep State your facts are incorrect. NDA was never quarantined by the KHSAA, CDC, or the health dept. They were placed in a precautionary quarantine by NDA. None of the players were in close contact (within 6’ for 15 minutes cumulative in a 24 hour period - those are CDC guidelines) of the coach who tested positive. This was confirmed with the video of the match. As such, their quarantine ended at the end of the school day on the 14th day of quarantine. Even if it was a CDC quarantine, they would have been released in time for the 8:00 match. CDC quarantines are down to the minute. Meaning if your last close contact was at noon on, you’d be out of quarantine at noon on day 14. But that’s irrelevant. They never should have been quarantined, just like their opponents in the match were never quarantined. What you did get right is that NDA does have different rules. NDA’s rules are more stringent than everyone else’s. Your information was in fact, inaccurate and not on point. Now you have the correct info.
  3. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, go read through the thread “Joe Burrow SEC bound” from May of 2018. The condescension from people who couldn’t believe a backup QB from OSU might actually be good is priceless!
  4. Here’s my annual reminder that the state tournament needs to be updated. “Because that’s how other sports do it” is a dumb reason to not change it. It should be seeded and expanded to 24 teams. Also needs to be rotated to different sites more regularly. Valley does a great job, no doubt. But families from other corners of the state shouldn’t have to travel every single year while families from 3 of the 16 regions never have to sleep away from their own homes to watch the tournament. Enjoy your offseason!
  5. Challenged in semis too, one set was 27-25. Assumption was down 17-11 and 18-10 and still won those sets. Their composure and discipline continue to separate them from the rest. Great team, great program. Congrats to Coach Kordes on #22!
  6. They can’t all be 10s. Congrats on the win!
  7. I have my moments, just like a broken clock! Jokes aside, what a night! The volleyball itself is always entertaining. But the rest of the night, the atmosphere, the survivors and fighters honored, the students holding up signs with names of their loved ones who have been impacted by breast cancer... if you haven’t seen it in person, it’s tough to explain. Congrats to NDA and St Henry for putting on such an important event and reminding us all that it’s about so much more than the score!
  8. After having seen most of the top teams in NKY (not all, but most), I agree with you. NDA has too many arms and crazy good ball control. I think St Henry is just too young to run with NDA this year. That being said, records go out the window in this match. I think NDA wins in 3 very close sets. Entirely possible SH sneaks one away from NDA, but in the end the fast offense with too many big arms wins out.
  9. They did not. Padua Franciscan from Ohio beat Mater Dei in the semis, then beat Assumption in the finals.
  10. I’m guessing that’s a typo. Probably 26-24.
  11. Tough call for this year. Both teams lost some irreplaceable seniors. However, so did a lot of the other teams in the 9th. It’s as wide open as it’s been in recent memory. NDA and SHDHS always reload, but each has a question mark or two.
  12. I expect OSU to win pretty handily, and fall 3 spots in the final rankings.
  13. Four best: Bama Clemson Ohio State Georgia Four most deserving: Bama Clemson ND Oklahoma My prediction: Bama Clemson ND Oklahoma
  14. Logistics is a major concern. We can’t change it to the point where families have to travel more than they already are, or the athletes are missing more school. My other concern is that every match should stay as a best of 5 contest, rather than having to change the pool play round to best of 3. Those two concerns are why I landed on 8 at large teams, and 24 total. 24 teams get seeds into eight pools of three teams each. Friday, you play the other two teams in your pool. 3rd place team in each pool advances to Bronze bracket played on Saturday and Sunday. Those teams play 5 matches, and no more than 10 sets on a single day. 1st and 2nd place teams from each pool go to Saturday morning challenge match. 1st place from pool 1 plays 2nd place from pool 8, P2 1st play P7 2nd, and so on. Winners of challenge matches go to Championship bracket, losers of challenge match go to Silver bracket. First round of bracket play Saturday afternoon. Semi Finals and Finals of brackets play on Sunday. Nobody plays more than 6 matches, and no more than 10 sets on a single day.
  15. Again, I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. But I’ve never said we could have a “perfect” system, only that there is a much better way. I think we should all agree that moving the disgruntledness to the #20 team is far better than leaving it with the #3 team. Coaches can vote on the at large teams. I think by and large the coaches would get it right a lot more often than not. If we took 8 at large teams, (for the sake of this conversation we’ll use MaxPreps rankings), the “first four out” would all have either head to head losses to at least one of the 8 at large teams, or would have losses to common opponents that one of the 8 at large teams beat. Is it perfect? Probably not, I’m sure we can find some flaws. Is it BETTER than what we currently have? Absolutely! I’m not saying we eliminate the current system.... just add to it. 16 Region winners get automatic bids, and add 8 at large teams, then seed them 1-24. It’s really pretty easy.
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