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  1. Let’s be honest hear, nothing we hear anymore should be taken as fact. I don’t care where you say you get your news from there are falsehoods everywhere, in every article. No one knows if Chinese doctors knew about this virus for a couple of months before the US found out but I can tell you that I believe they did. We also cannot say for certain if this was here in November. We didn’t have schools being shut down because of the flu, doctors couldn’t figure out what it was. I believe that it was here in November. It’s my belief. There are some stories out there that carry the same belief but I cannot say they are facts because there is no real proof. Stop throwing the word FACT around all the time. For the most part these are things that you believe are true, that doesn’t make them factual.
  2. Well that is a shame then because I don’t understand why they would. To each their own. So you have seen it on one side and I have the other. So both sides should keep their mouth shut and let people make their own choices.
  3. I also don’t understand how saying how I would have handled something 10 years ago is laughable?? It’s called maturing. It’s called understanding other people’s views and how they handle things. Either way I will not stand by and be ridiculed for not wearing a mask. Instead of handling it with a confrontation, I will handle it with the simple reasons and explanations of why. If the person confronting me wants to act like a fool than so be it. Will just be embarrassing for them in my opinion.
  4. People not wearing mask are not saying anything to those who are. I don’t know how much you have been out but the example being given on here are of people wearing mask mad about people who are not. If you chose to wear a mask, I don’t care. It is your choice, just don’t say anything to me about not wearing one. Pretty easy to understand if you ask me.
  5. I witnessed an altercation at a pizza place offering carry out. Someone was inside picking up there order. Inside area can fit at least two people with social distancing measures in place. Two people outside wearing masks, refusing to go in. This caused a line outside. Weather wasn’t bad so didn’t bother me much. Asked them if they checked on their order and they said no. They explained they were not going to crowd the guy inside. Guy inside was not wearing a mask and either were the workers. After asking the ladies response was nice, the male was not so much. Like I was pressuring him to go inside. I was not wearing a mask because I don’t believe it is going to help myself or anyone else. I ignored his attitude and continued to wait. Another couple walks up, no mask. Older couple. Male walks in and asked about his order. Proceeds to get cussed out by male with mask waiting outside. Male with mask then gets confronted my the female who’s husband walked inside. She simply asked what did you say? He mumbled another response with some poor language. Keep in mind everyone was social distancing outside of the establishment. I made the statement that if you are so worried about crowding and people not wearing a mask then you should have probably had your food delivered. He had a good stare at me and I basically laughed it off. Kept shaking his head and I continued to ignore it. When he made the accusation that “we” were part of the problem then that’s when people outside had enough including myself. My statement to him was mind your own business. This is a public sidewalk. 10 years ago...I would have dropped him after the first couple of comments. There will be altercations. Unless it is someone not wearing a mask making fun of people who are then most of the time this will be the mask wearers causing the issue. Keep your mouth shut, observe people’s personal space and things should be good. I have done my necessary research, calling me selfish for not wearing a mask is ridiculous. If a place requires it I will wear one but if they do not then you won’t see one on me.
  6. I don’t know what any of us would do in a situation where two men have guns drawn on us. Defusing would be my step if I had to answer right now. Call the police myself, but if I reached for my phone are they going to shoot me because they thought I was reaching for a weapon? He decided to fight back and I can understand that. He felt his life was in danger. Those two shooting him is not self defense. It’s not like he was a trained SEAL and his body considered a dangerous weapon. This case should be open and shut, guilty. The citizens arrest law should not be a loophole for this kind of action. If video has surfaced of him attending clan rallies, then I would say this could observed as pre-meditated.
  7. As far as people entering unfinished houses at construction sites, that has major insurance impact. I don’t care that he was in the house, no reason for him to be killed. Had a girl i went to high school with who entered an unfinished house. She fell through to the basement, landing on the concrete floor. Nearly killed her. Builders insurance had to cover it. Not sure why but they did. For this instance, it doesn’t matter because two civilians had no business killing this guy.
  8. That may be true for most sports but the sport of women’s soccer is what we are hearing about lately and revenue/profit between them and the men is just not there. Every sport is going to be different but I would say soccer is the only one with a revenue in favor of The women. Tennis maybe?
  9. When it comes to girls high school soccer, you have to think this would potentially impact NKY schools more than others in the state. I know of a few girls who played in the DA from Lexington but not sure how many make the drive from the Louisville area. This could make the usual cream of the crop that much better. Could really effect NDA since I believe they have 2-3 players. I know if at least one Highlands girl that this could open the door to come back. She is an excellent keeper.
  10. Supposedly the program lost nearly $800k last season. Also heard that with the school looking to move conferences soon, the soccer team would be even less competitive. In comparison UC baseball lost over $1mil last year. Would like to see how the programs performed. Going to guess that football and basketball are the only programs that made money. Probably like that with most Power 5 schools.
  11. The key to the credit terminal is if they are setup for contactless payments. If they are contactless they should except Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung and others. For these restaurants, some of them still have contactless turned off even if their terminal has it available. It’s not so simple to turn it on though. Different processors offer different payments abilities. Changing a processor could take a day or two and even longer if they require new equipment.
  12. We live in an age where the youth of this country is invincible or so they think. Unless parents step in and force these young adults to come home them this thing will keep spreading.
  13. I think we should go ahead and do this shutdown and get this over with. We need to see a light at the end of the tunnel and need to start this now.
  14. I understand your point but we have no clue what China did or didn’t do because they will never say. Their news is State ran media outlet and we will never know the truth about numbers or how quickly it spread there.
  15. I wonder what Listerman’s game plan will be to counter the double team. Do you let Vinson work without the ball and come off screens? Do you have him drive and kick out for the perimeter shot? If CovCath is allowed to double team him all night the chances of pulling off the win decrease greatly. Highlands has plenty of shooters they just have to hit them. I just hope it’s a hell of a game to see who goes to Rupp. Go Birds!
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