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  1. Three of the worst officials in the region assigned to the same game. Knew I was in for a long night when I saw them walk out.
  2. X The only reason Highlanda wants to see lighting is so they can get on the bus and go back to Ft. Thomas. I seriously doubt they would be interested in starting over and taking another beating. I am shocked at the score but knew nothing other than Hoghlands tradition. But it looks like a varsity vs a JV team on every play. Not even competitive.
  3. Was at North Laurel last year and Montgomery County before that.
  4. Looks like Happy is taking all the instate talent! Bosley (Central), Johnson (Wofo), Manning (Scott) and Miller. Hope they can make a run this year with the conference getting an automatic bid now to the D2 tournament!
  5. Hines Jones of Scott County going to Transy as well.
  6. Exactly right on not being a D1 recruiter. When I said Centre or Transy, I was basing it off 3 times I saw him. One of those times, he only took 1 shot from the field against Scott County and really didn't look for his shot that night. That wasn't a performance of a kid I thought could play D1. Not upset I was wrong. Good luck to the kid.
  7. Not going to debate his prospects as I only saw him play 2-3 times this year, but from what I saw, I think he can have a great D3 career and there is nothing wrong with that. For the kids sake, I hope he goes wherever he wants -- no matter the level.
  8. Centre or Transy would be a great fit.
  9. Mingua Brothers Beef Jerky actually makes some of its Jerky with the Grippos seasoning and its pretty widely available in most of Central Kentucky! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5125/5301410675_1507610d8b_z.jpg
  10. I love MidSouth basketball, but none of those teams are beating a top OVC team any year. And, I agree, there have been some good teams in NAIA, but D1 is a different level. Are there players who would do a great job for the best OVC team, no doubt. But, on a consistent basis, night in and night out, MidSouth teams don't compare at spots 4-8 where a 16-game conference schedule is decided.
  11. Tyler played a heck of a game against Ballard, particularly shooting the ball. It was the best I have seen him play. But, having said that, D1 is a whole different ball game at the highest level. I agree with some other comments about the Mid-South being strong, but most of those kids are at that level because they couldn't make it at the higher level (I know, some are for character reasons). Can Tyler play at D-1 level -- that is not for me to judge. The thing about anything in life, you only have to have 1 coach like you to get a scholarship. The way I look at it, no matter the level, if mom and dad don't have to pay for the education, that's all that matters. Because players like Tyler are most likely (of course, you can never say never) not playing basketball at a competitive level in five years anyway. On a side note, I have heard a lot this year about Tyler being sick during games. I hope this isn't an epidemic and we can see the real Hagen Tyler healthy all the time.
  12. No matter what rule you come up with, it will affect some. But, in my opinion, when they changed the rule, they should have made it starting 2015 with the lowest age group and grandfathered everything else based on the old rules. Too many relationships already established on teams and not right to force changes to be made.
  13. Sometimes the other team is simply - I applaud you for this thought. Too many Boyke County fans blamed every loss they had on something other than that. It was either they were tired or someone was sick. It is great to finally see the perspective that Boyle actually can be beaten for other reasons. They had one of those seasons that don't come around often and the fans should recognize that and just be happy. Sadly this board was full of Boyle County fans that didn't get that. While they had a nice team this year, I doubt it was the start of a 12th Region dynasty. But congratulations on a great 2014-15 season!
  14. This is a no doubt Hagen Tyler 30 point night. He will prove tonight it should have been him, not Jalen Perry, in the discussion for Mr. Basketball along with Justice. Great player lead their teams to victories in games like this and Tyler is a great player. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show!
  15. Told you so. Hagen Tyler can't be stopped. With the change at Northern KY will Tyler re-open his process and might this be just like Hawkins and Coach Cal take notice? I don't expect the train to be stopped tomorrow by Ballard.
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