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  1. I must admit after watching both semifinal games, it was hard to imagine GRC beating Duke,errr Mason County. However, a very impressive regional final win. I expect GRC to represent the 10th well at Rupp. Congrats to the coaching staff, players and fans for an impressive tournament run thus far and for beating Duke - I did t again, Mason County. Good luck at state!
  2. Congrats to Brossart and the coaching staff on a great season. Great job by the Camels in not giving up but continuing to play. Of note: 1) I would like to know the specific instances that contributed to the 'kudos to Jared White for his defense on Jennings'. I did see Griffin work his butt off in the lane defensively and made Jennings battle for position every possession that Griffin had the assignment. Griffin was the catalyst for this win with his defensive effort and mindset that he wasn't going to just let the big man do what he wanted. Defensive MVP of this game! 2) Long time Camel fan - but McGovney fouled Saunders twice on the play at the end of the game. First with the body and then the second with the block, but there were missed calls both ways the entire game. 3) Holbrook showed maturity and confidence last night. He didn't make ill-advised passes or take hurried shots. He played within himself and did his part to get this team to victory in the final couple minutes. 4) McGovney continues to show why he should be considered in the conversation for best in the region. Good luck Camels against Scott, I'm sure Coach Carr brings something special to the party on Friday night.
  3. Russell continues his winning streak with the Camels vs. Brossart and advances to the District Finals - 65 - 56 improving to 4-0 in the last 2 years.
  4. Funny thing is, not only are #1 and #6 SK but #2 was in the SK system at a younger age. He played for SK in the NKYFL.
  5. In my opinion, the POTUS should be a hired position, not elected, with a guaranteed 5 year term. The candidates should be selected by the House and Senate and hired by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court should still be lifetime appointments, but made by the House and Senate. The House and Senate should still be elected positions as they are currently. Remove the political aspect of the POTUS and see if things gets done. Allow the president to run the country with the House and Senate maintaining the current authority that exists. I know it sounds crazy, but you widen the pool of candidates by removing the politics. Obviously, there are alot more variables that would need to be worked out, but I don't see why this arrangement wouldn't work.
  6. Just an FYI, I wasn't referring to a specific team. It was to both. Both teams had flops. As for CC and the 'charge class', It wasn't a class but a drill. The easy way around that is to rename it.
  7. There were no 'bumps', just flops. These were Academy Award winning Vlade Divac impersonations.
  8. Camels appeared as if they didn't want to be playing basketball in Claryville tonight. The score could have been alot worse but CC made a couple huge buckets to keep it close. Kudos to the Eagles and Coach Carr, IMO one of, if not, the best high school basketball coach in NKY year in and year out. On a side note, the referees pet call (against and for both teams) for the evening was a charge (There had to have been at least 10 called and they missed 3 or 4 legitimate charges that weren't called). I think they finally called a block in the 4th quarter. (I'm pretty sure that wasn't the only blocking call, but it seemed as if it was.) I had to rub my eyes a couple times, I'm pretty sure I saw the Vlade flop a few times.
  9. The kid is a stud - no question! In addition to being a gifted athlete, he's a great student and an all around good young man. Morehead State had scouts at the Gateway Classic in Montgomery Co when he had 33. The individual who watched him play was very impressed with him, being it was the first time they've seen him play. I would think his recruiting stock will skyrocket over the next 6-7 months.
  10. No, these 3 wouldn't have called the flop, err charge, drawn against their brother. Regardless of the officials, one of, if not the greatest A-Town Shootouts in its history. Huge crowd and a great game to watch!
  11. Probably very close to accurate, except the score will be closer than double digits.
  12. Besides the aforementioned point guard from Park Hills - who by the way is a stud - Who's better than McGovney this early in the season in NKY? I haven't seen Hightchew, Towles, Chambers, Saunders, or anyone from Holy Cross and Holmes, but who is playing better? He carries the Camels on his back. He scores 29 and the total team score is 51 tonight. I mean I guess he could've gotten 36 to secure the W.
  13. That will be Boone's biggest issue, but Campbell can't leave Zane. I'm guessing Boone utilizes more of it's 3/4 court zone press or it's 1-3-1 half court zone against Campbell. I will be surprised if they play much M2M.
  14. After having seen both teams play recently, Boone twice (scrimmage and vs. Ryle) and Campbell multiple times (scrimmages), this game comes down to who owns the boards. In my opinion, that will be Campbell. Boone has no one that is a tough-minded, I'm going to go get the ball, rebounder. While Boone will try to push the tempo, they also only play 6, maybe 7 (for a very few minutes). Being that it's at Boone, I think it will be a 1 point game, with the edge going to the Camels. 68-67.
  15. 3 fouls in the first half and he never really got into the rhythm of the game. The score was something like 54 -53 with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Look at the points both teams put up in the final minutes of regulation and overtime. HUGE!
  16. This was a district contest. I don't disagree with you overall statement, but I'd expect a larger turnout for a district game. In retrospect, I've never seen Ryle's gym "packed".
  17. Dixie by 10. 62-52. If a couple of Conner's scores can get hot, this could be closer.
  18. If this game is indicative of Cooper's ability, they should be the favorites in the 33rd this year.
  19. Ruthsatz - his mental toughness on the court and ability to score at will, resembles another sophomore a little further south on Highway 25.
  20. As an objective observer, I was disappointed in the lack of a crowd for a district game. The lower stands were maybe 3/4's full (I'm being very generous.) Where are the fans in Boone? Did Kroger have a 10 for 10 sale last night only between 7:30 and 9:30PM??
  21. Logical spot would be the Guys & Dolls location. I think the space is empty once again.
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