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  1. Are you really going to rehash the same garbage from last season? This type of talk is the reason this will be my last post on this forum. Questioning the quality of a coach as usual. This a new season and there is no room for this garbage again. Keyplayer you took a synopsis of a team and turned it into a bashing session as usual. Bring some knowledge to your post about what these teams have to offer in NKY. Tell us about some key returning players or some sleeper teams. I don't want to hear your beefs about a coach. On that note, it should be a great girls soccer season in NKY as usual. Only a couple of months away. It has been a pleasure discussing and debating with some of the posters here on the soccer forum. This will be my last post on BGP due to a conflict of interest. Good luck to all the NKY girls soccer programs!
  2. Highlands will need to replace their leading scorer and team leader in Taylor Vaughn. They also loose half of their starting defense. The main thing is that they are returning all of their starting midfielders. This is the key to this team because they are the motor that makes things run. Goalkeeper is another strong position for Highlands. Highlands will be a young team but are loaded with talent for the next several years. How that talent comes together this year will decide how far they can go. Tough schedule this season as well, with several really good Ohio teams on the schedule.
  3. Think for pre-season you are about spot on All American.
  4. She should get serious consideration for the Jimmy V award posthumously. I can't think of anybody better to accept that award on her behalf than her parents and the Still's. That would be one awesome tribute to a true hero.
  5. Ben Weyer would be on my list along with the other's mentioned. Kid had an awesome JR year and this AAU season will only make him better. Getting calls from several D1 programs and an offer from NKU (since coaching change, not sure where that stands)
  6. Only thing I will say about this issue is to think about this two ways. What would you have done if it would have happened to you. Then think about what you would have done had it happened to your child. I will say that school suspension for a week or two would be a start, secondly they would be removed from the team. Not the whole group but at least the one who did the spraying/squirting. This would be after a formal apology from all parties involved. If I was the parent of this victim I would expect nothing less. If the parents of the accused thought I was be unreasonable, then well, I would handle it as my father did...your son messes with my son then I will come knocking on your door and you can answer for your sons actions. Kids now a days cannot stand up for themselves or they get in trouble as well. So the parents have to step up to the plate for them.
  7. If I am not mistaken, wasn't there a thread that talked about this yesterday....Pretty sure it was closed by a moderator. Just wondering why that thread was closed and this one is allowed to be open? Not complaining about the issue being discussed just trying to figure out how the thread rules are applied.
  8. Are you listening to what you are saying??? I will tell you now, you have no idea if another coach could have one more titles. Too many ifs that your banking your statements on.
  9. Oh, I never said these post were made by CovCath fans. They are made by Camel "supporters". That is the worst part of the whole thing.
  10. So saying "The Camels didn't show up" or "the Camels had no heart", that's not bashing? The respectable thing to say was that the Camels didn't have the same fire that CovCath had in this game. That would be a true and respectful statement. To say that these kids didn't show up and have no heart is ridiculous considering the amount of blood and sweat they poured out to make it to State. Post posters on here counted them out after their mid-season woes. Did the Camels play well after the 1st quarter, no, but that has nothing to do with their heart or effort.
  11. I don't remember my reply being directed at you, seeing as this is your first post in this thread.
  12. Can someone please explain to me why there is so much Camel bashing going on??? Didn't play with heart, didn't show up. Let's face it, the Camels did not have a good game and CovCath played great. CovCath was prepared and did the job they know how to..win. I didn't see a lack of heart from the Camels. They played a good first half but laid an egg in the 2nd half. They switched between man and 1-3-1 zone. Coach Russell has 3 regional championships (one of those being in the 9th) in the last 6 years (maybe 5 years) so I would say that he knows how to coach. As far as making fun of a coach on the bench, show some class. How old are you, grow up.
  13. He is the leader of that team, no question. Good Luck Camels!
  14. I believe Highlands, Holmes, and Ryle will be your top teams in the 9th. I wouldn't sleep on Conner. If they are not making a run at the 9th next year then it will be in 2016. They have a very talented pool of players but they are young.
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