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  1. Great handles and even better court vision. Glad to see him excelling at the next level.
  2. Red Bird garnered a lengthy segment in ESPN's "The Season" documentary on Kentucky high school basketball back in 2001. I tried to find a link to their segment online, but to no avail. If I remember correctly, their entire rotation was from the same family. The documentary showed them riding to games in the back of a pick-up truck before frequently dropping 100 points on the opposition. Fascinating stuff. I hate to hear their enrollment numbers have dipped. It's tough to form a competitive basketball team when you're choosing from a pool of 24 males.
  3. Cozart fails to bunt Schumaker over, then laces a single to left.
  4. We've been down that road. Being out of contention isn't any fun, regardless.
  5. Outkast... My goodness. Twenty One Pilots put on a very good show as well.
  6. Frieri walks Frazier on five pitches. First and second, no outs. Frieri is terrible.
  7. Pendleton County-Harrison county is developing into a good basketball rivalry. Harrison County was much better last year, but normally their inevitable matchup in the first round of the 38th district tournament is an absolute battle.
  8. Reds with 2 hits through 7 innings today. Trailing 1-0.
  9. Red had three 14-game winners last year (Leake, Arroyo, Latos.) You'd have to go back to 1975 to find the last time they had three 15-game winners: Jack Billingham 15-10 4.11 ERA Don Gullett 15-4 2.42 ERA Gary Nolan 15-9 3.16 ERA Side note-Don Gullett only started 22 games that year!
  10. Are you sure it wasn't 38 credit hours? Not saying you're wrong, but most colleges require approximately 127 credit hours to obtain a Bachelor's degree, which can be met by taking 5-6 3-credit classes per semester. 38 3-credit hour classes would mean he took 114 hours of African-American studies classes, leaving practically no time to obtain his "Gen Eds." Doesn't seem feasible to me, even at a highly reputable academic institution like North Carolina.
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