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  1. Danville also was without their starting point Tevin Kavanaugh,the whole game. He may have played 2 minutes. He is one of the best defenders also. Spencer really didn't do that much before the injury. I just don't think it made that much of a difference.
  2. Spencer did hurt his leg a little or something. He was pretty controlled by Danville defense before he hurt his leg. Danville picked it up in second half and created their own offense. Elliot is good but Danville was much better tonight..
  3. Football has 6. I like it better with 1 for basketball. That makes you the only champion not 5 other schools .
  4. Danville could shut teams down if they really concentrated on the defensive end. Danville just needs to control emotions a little better. The technicals will hurt in district and region!
  5. High school needs a shot Clock. Basketball was meant to score baskets,not play keep away. I would love to see 30 second shot Clock. I hate watching slow down basketball!!!
  6. When they return... That may change some things. I like being out of the picture right now!
  7. It will take awhile to see but Boyle could surprise some people. They will be pretty good at full strength.
  8. The worst place I've ever seen too! I would rather not play as go there. They know how bad it is themselves but continue to allow it. It was like empty the last time we played there. I will not miss it at all. Somebody could make it work if they cared about running it properly.
  9. Lincoln will be a tough out! I agree 100% with @PurplePride.
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