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  1. It could be but with Trump it makes it really complicated. That's Trumps quasi home state as well whith all the money he spent down there. I think he'll be able to recover.
  2. The Trump Vs Hilary debates will be must watch television
  3. UK didn't deserve Louisville. Wouldn't be fair for a number 1 seed to play a road game against a 4. I don't care where UK plays as long as the end result ends in the final 4. The committee basically said Duke was better than UK, must have missed the game at the beginning of the year. If IU won the Mich game then IU would have been a 4 and UK a 5
  4. In a true democracy Al Gore would be president... So fun fact, we never have
  5. I agree completely. If they were open about how they did stuff, the complaining would be considerably less
  6. Having IU as a 5 seed is almost as stupid as UK having a 4 seed. There is no reasons of them to play in the second round. If you win the BIG that should mean something. Same thing with UK winning a share of the SEC and SEC tourney.
  7. AtM lost to USC at home.... Dude really contradicted himself, so NCAA of him
  8. Literally 2011 all over again
  9. After today I won't care what our seed is. Starting tomorrow all I care about is who we play next. People look at the totality of the bracket every year. But in reality it's a 2 game tourney every week. Just need to worry about the present first before worrying about match ups that could or couldn't happen down the road.
  10. UK proved they were better than AtM twice, and still are a 4 seed. What a joke
  11. Have you missed his remarks about him wanting to punch protesters in the face? Or when he told his supporters to hit back? He has definitely enabled his supporters. But shame on those protesters for giving them the bait as well. Absolute cluster of an election cycle
  12. It's amazing that once you go after Trump you kill your campaign. Rubio is the latest victim. Wonder how he'd be doing without his sideshow the past 3 weeks?
  13. High under educated population. They all love them some Trump
  14. Total disaster, I'll give Rand credit though he did pay for half of it.
  15. A co worker and I will take half days to go to those midweek afternoon games. Usually can get a front few rows sun/moon deck ticket off Stubhub for $10
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