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  1. I haven't had him/her sexed yet, so don't have a name yet. I go with him, for general purpose. They mature anywhere between 3-5 feet. Right now, he's about 4 months and 20 inches. Snakes are actually a big market, so if I get tired, there will be no shortage of takers. But, I don't anticipate it. They really are great pets. Balls are very docile, don't need walked, don't smell, don't bark, only need fed every couple of weeks. Easier than fish!
  2. So, I just got into owning a pet snake. I chose a ball python for their demeanor. I really like the colors and pattern of this guy. So, my question to any knowledgeable BGP'er is: Is this a vanilla? In my research, I believe it is. Faded head, bright off color, completely white belly with no marks. I have a friend who thinks it is a normal. Any ideas?
  3. Parochial school or not, any time a 1A school can beat a 6A school it says something.
  4. Ill make this a Frisch's story. Since it was a childhood memory in 1977. Iron Horsemen leader, Moose, was killed in a gang fight with the Seven Sons. He was buried in Ft. Thomas. Anyway, I was in the old Frisch's in Ft. Thomas eating with my mother when the funeral procession went by. I guess about 300 bikers. The whole building shook. The plates, silverware and glasses rattled. It was etched into my memory.
  5. I go with the Buddy Boy, but order it on grilled Texas Toast. That and a bowl of chili! OMG!
  6. Two events at the same high school football game in Dayton, KY. 1. A male student streaked across the field and climbed the fence and disappeared into the neighborhood next to the field. 2. Someone put plastic cups into the chainlink fence to support the home team. They misspelled their attempt. I'm guessing it was supposed to say "D-town ROCKS", instead it read, "D-town ROOCKS"!
  7. I had the opportunity to meet him at a mutual friends bachelor party. He was sporting his Super Bowl ring and was letting everyone there handle it and try it on. it was unreal how large this mans hands and fingers were. I would say you could pass a half dollar coin through it easily.
  8. Brisket alone for the flavor. Pulled pork depends on the prep and sauce. If both were sitting side by side, I'll go for the brisket.
  9. I think the change was apparent tonight. Corey graves shouting out common obscenity when Stroman and Lashley went through the video board. In a spot with Lynch and Rollins, the B word was used several times and Maria Kanellis says next time she gets pregnant, she’ll let “the man” do it. Certainly, the reigns have been loosened.
  10. Tim Carver was the first "official" coach of the Mustangs. He was hired but then the Diocese got involved and he was let go. Then Charlie Coleman was the next coach and lasted about a week into summer practice. Then, I believe that Coach Ollier took over. Brossart had three head coaches before they even took a snap. Rough start to say the least.
  11. Of the choices listed, I voted for Family Guy. However, after reading through some posts and reflections, I would change my vote. I do like the following: Scooby All-Star Laugh Olympics, Johnny Quest, Speed Racer, and Popeye. However, in retrospect, I would have to say my favorite (other than Family Guy) is The Animaniacs!
  12. Anyone know what they ended the bidding at?
  13. Ok, new question....who kills the Mountain? It appears to be a two horse race (no Kentucky Derby pun here). It’s either the Hound or Greyworm.
  14. I know who you are talking about, but it's Adrian and not Taylor. He graduated about 5 years ago. Both outstanding runners, but Adrian can pass some too! Adrian set some records for total offense as a frosh. So, yeah, things look bright at the QB position!
  15. I’m a big Husker fan. Have been since the Rozier/Gill/Fryer days. Last year, Scott Frost’s first in Lincoln wasn’t quite what Husker nation dreamed of. The first half of the season started with a historic losing streak. However, as the season progressed, they put together a good second half of the season to give the Big Red momentum into the off season. Scott Frost is up-beat about the progress the team has shown in the weight room, condoning, classroom/off field behaviors, etc. Expectations are obviously higher going into this coming season. What, realistically, is their glass ceiling? I don’t see a conference championship this year, but am looking forward to an improved Big 10 record.
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