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Remembering Jared Lorenzen

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I had the fortune (or, as it went more often than not in my high school days, the misfortune) of being on the football team opposing Jared Lorenzen on multiple occasions. On the varsity football field, Jared's Highlands Bluebirds played Covington Catholic four times between the 1997 and 1998 seasons - twice during regular season district play, and twice during the playoffs. Both years the team who won the playoffs went on to win the AAA state title.


Seeing Jared Lorenzen in his Highlands jersey was a sight. An intimidation factor, and an enormous challenge. During pre-game, the Bluebirds coaches used to put him on one knee at the 50 yard line and just have him throw the ball for distance. You'd usually see the football bouncing in the endzone after he rifled it down the field.


He was a big high schooler, and an even bigger high school quarterback. But he was nimble, he could move, and he could make plays happen. There wasn't much more frustrating than watching Jared hurl the ball down the field for a first down completion to Derek Smith or Randy Stegman after your D put on solid pressure and made him scramble 15 yards out of the pocket. It was even deflating when those passes made for a touchdown.


Jared went on to even greater things at UK in college football. National attention. Highlight footage on SportsCenter and memorable nicknames from the ESPN personalities. Then he made it to the NFL, and even got himself a Superbowl ring with the Giants. But it's the 16 and 17 year old, high school football playing, state championship winning Jared Lorenzen that I'll remember best.


Rest in peace, Jared.

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Jared's senior year was also mine. He had reached an almost mythical status even outside of NKY. It was hard at the time to comprehend a more dominating, intimidating duo than Lorenzen and Derek Smith. Absolute legend.


What a terrible loss for his family and the sports world in this state.

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Rooted for Jared as a Wildcat, as a NY Giant and during his recent Jared Lorenzen Project.


Sad that he is gone.


I have a New York Giants hat autographed by Lorenzen, he signed it after the Giants won the Super Bowl.


RIP Jared.

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