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  1. Super glad she’s safe. I wonder too about an internet relationship.
  2. Reports this morning are that Maddie has been found safe, with no other details. Thank goodness!
  3. I wish we could somehow safely leverage technology to track our kid’s locations.
  4. Are you guys following this gut wrenching story? Feds are now involved, hopefully Maddie is found soon. From WLWT: HIGHLAND COUNTY, Ohio — Federal officials are now involved in the the search for an Ohio high school senior who disappeared en route to a tanning salon. Maddie Bell, 18, was last seen leaving her house around 10 a.m. Sunday. After an extensive multi-day search and no sign of her, officials with the Highland County Sheriff's Office say the FBI and BCI is involved. "She just yelled, 'Mom, I'm going tanning,'" said her mother, Melissa Bell. "She always comes right back. She's not one to be a minute late without calling or texting or letting me know not to worry." Forty-five minutes later, Maddie hadn't returned. Melissa Bell said she waited another 15 minutes and then started texting and calling her daughter. She didn't respond. Melissa Bell said she looked on the "Find My iPhone" app and Maddie's phone was showing up near the tanning place. Melissa Bell said Maddie's boyfriend was at the house and the two then decided to look for her. They spotted her car at the Good Shepherd Church across from the market. "It was the only car in the parking lot. We pull in. Windows are up," Melissa Bell said. She said the car was unlocked and she opened the door. "I notice her phone laying in the car. Her keys are in the ignition and money that she had in the pullout thing was still there," Melissa Bell said. "She's a typical teenager. She would never leave that phone." Melissa said Maddie never made it to the Country Corner Market. "She didn't sign in. The two mornings before that, she did, but that morning, video surveillance doesn't show her car making it to the tanning area. She did not sign in," Melissa Bell said. Word of Maddie's disappearance spread quickly through rural Highland County. Volunteers searched the area Sunday, and about 250 people searched again Monday. "As her mom, there is something wrong. Someone has her. She's not someone who has run away. This is not her behavior," Melissa Bell said. Melissa Bell said her daughter is very responsible. She's the cheer captain at Greenfield's McClain High School and was looking forward to the upcoming week. "This was senior week. She would not have missed this for anything," Melissa Bell said. Melissa Bell said her daughter got accepted into Ohio University and has been in good spirits. "She was happy. The night before we went fishing, her boyfriend, me, my mom," Melissa Bell said. "Get her picture out there. Get her name out there. Know that she would never leave here intentionally," Melissa Bell said. Melissa Bell said her daughter may have been wearing a black North Face jacket and she may have had her driver's license and a bank card on her. Melissa Bell said there has been no activity on the bank card or on Maddie's Facebook page. Investigators said they are looking for a white car that was seen driving into and leaving the church parking lot Sunday morning. Anyone who has any information about Maddie's whereabouts should call 911.
  5. Eww... I would find it inappropriate and cringy for my daughter/son to be nude in front of a coach in these circumstances.
  6. When I think of life’s moments that make me smile the most: Number one for sure is becoming a mom, and subsequently watching my kids’ successes. And “success” has a very different meaning when you are a parent. Various travels. One particular award I received at my job. Buying my first house. Watching my dad recover from cancer. Sorry to list so many ha ha.
  7. I can’t help but to compare sending my kid back to school to sending them to infected nursing homes or cruise ships. If 1 gets it, they all get it. And it will happen quickly.
  8. Same. Thankfully the one KY'ian I know is recovering well, but said it was miserable.
  9. I saw this too and wonder how it correlates to the number of tests still in process, I think that's a key missing piece of info. There's an Enquirer article today about how local folks are being tested but the tests are sent to private labs (not state) and it's taking a long time (4 days and counting) to get the results.
  10. Luke Hancock tweeted "Basketball is better with Pitino". I totally agree! Congrats to Rick!
  11. Any word from Diocese of Covington? What's taking so long for any sort of school related news... thanks in advance to any "insider" who may know....
  12. Yeah, I totally get that. My husband said the same thing. But there was a certain “feel” in the air.
  13. On a side note.... in NKY, both the Hebron & Union Kroger were crazy busy last night. I guess the school closing announcement was the trigger. Panic buying gives us some sense of control I guess.
  14. I enjoyed this from Elizabeth Gilbert. It's part of a longer post that she wrote this afternoon. "Let me a show a strong measure of mercy to the people across the world who are running institutions, schools, governments, and companies right now. Those people are faced with the supremely unenviable task of trying to figure out how to respond to this crisis responsibly. There is no playbook. They will make mistakes. They will overreact; they will under react. They are human beings in an impossible dilemma. I would not wish to be the person faced with such massive, impactful decisions right now. Let me show compassion to them."
  15. Among the growing cancellations I've heard about are the prohibiting of visitors from nursing homes. I agree with this for sure. But wow, how sad. This is what most elderly live for... Sorry to be the ray of sunshine this morning. lol.
  16. It will be 1 robot before we know it.
  17. Honestly I’ve become weirdly panicky about it the last 24 hours, after watching Italy. I kindof had to do breathing exercises on the way to work this morning, not joking lol. I just don’t remember the swine flu/H1N1 and SARS being anything like COVID 19. Of course I’m older now so maybe I’m just more cranky and paranoid. At any rate, who cares about sanitizer, I’m gonna stockpile coffee and beer and buzz my way through any quarantine... lol.
  18. And why did Mack bail on zone in that one possession when they were soo close at the end? It was one of those games where I kept questioning my sanity to choose watching 40 minutes of dog poo, when I knew good and well that Survivor was on. Hopefully this will be a loss that reignites the Cards some how.
  19. Everyone keeps saying someone ripped it away from him. But it looked to me like he dropped it on his own. Like he thought better of it. Still a terrible look.
  20. Who do you hope wins now, or do you care? I guess I’ll go with KC lol
  21. Yes totally noticed! Henry is huge/awesome!
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