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  1. I hate to touch, let alone open, this can of worms, but why is it nobody ever says anything about how the 39th never hosts a baseball/softball regional? Look, GRC puts on a great baseball regional and I'd be happy going back there every year, but just throwing this out there. Now, nobody in the 39th really has the facilities to host a regional, but when this was the other way around in basketball, you had 474,000 people acting like the only reason Mason County won was because it was at the Fieldhouse. Where are the people who are so outraged that GRC pulled out a close one at home today? You know, they know all the dimensions of the park and probably even (ZOMG!) had more fans cheering for them. Again, I can't stress enough that GRC is a GREAT venue for baseball, but just putting this out there for the folks who get all worked up over the basketball site and act like it in itself determines the champion.
  2. Seven. Colonels got 2 in the top of the seventh.
  3. From the article, Nike (tournament sponsor) is taking care of food and lodging. They're doing various fundraisers for the travel.
  4. Looks like they've got them up on the Website now.
  5. Before Rupp if you're coming in from the north. Right off Broadway onto 2nd, left on Bruce.
  6. Parked there again today, though it was on the street because it's during school hours. Don't have a bunch of time for directions because I'm posting from the game, but a quick glance on my way in tells me it's Harrison Elementary on Bruce Street. Google maps should be able to do the rest. You get out, walk a couple hundred feet and people are charging $12.
  7. I know everybody would like to believe Mason County had to play way over its head to beat God's gift to basketball, aka Clark County, but let's be real here. Mason County shot 40.4 percent (21/52) in the region final, an absolutely scorching pace there. Yeah, clearly they'll never shoot like that again.
  8. For evening and Saturday games, I love that elementary school about a block away. Of course me posting my favorite spot on BGP probably ensures it'll be filled the rest of the weekend.
  9. So let me get this straight. Everybody mixes up players who are three years apart when one has been graduated for two years. When somebody who has never seen the team play mixes up jersey numbers, it's a "blatent [sic] lie." Glad we cleared that up. Double standards are fun!
  10. I try to stay out of these things, especially when a thread gets off track as far as this one, but this statement and the crazy idea that somebody at the Ledger is trying to run some kind of smear campaign against Vinny Zollo is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I'm a sportswriter at the Ledger. I wrote the story for that game and pretty much every other Mason County game for the last three years. The writer of that article, while a very good writer and a former sports writer elsewhere, wasn't at the game and I doubt has ever seen this GRC team. And since I didn't see the original mistake and whether it was in the story or in the cutline on the picture, I couldn't tell you whose mistake it actually was. For all I know, they could have been given the wrong information to begin with. To be fair, any number of people involved in the process could have simply come to me and asked who wears #44 for GRC or could have looked it up on the KHSAA website and we wouldn't have this problem. I don't know why that wasn't done if they weren't sure, but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty it was an honest mistake. As much as you'd apparently like to think that there's some conspiracy in Maysville of big powerful people trying to make Zollo look bad, I can assure you it's just a case of somebody who has no idea who Rogers or Zollo is and didn't take the time to ask. And it doesn't get rerun in its entirety on the front page because that just isn't how it works. It's unfortunate an error was made, and the paper is more than happy to correct it, but nobody in the history of newspapers has ever done that, and nobody ever will.
  11. Gotta admit this exchange back in October was pretty nice work on Fraysure's part.
  12. Home. Top team on the bracket will be the home team in each game.
  13. GRC led 42-37 overall and 14-11 on the offensive end.
  14. There are some good things here, but I'm not in favor of first round games at the site of the district winner. I had never thought of it this way until talking with a coach as a small school in the 10th a few years back, but for a lot of these schools their realistic goal (especially around here in the 39th) is just making it to the region. Instead of going to the Fieldhouse or the BOKC or Montgomery or whatever, you're just putting them on a bus to go somewhere and lose without ever really getting a chance to be part of the tournament. For example this year, Bracken County made its first region tourney in 6 years. They lost, but they at least got to go be part of the tournament. I'm not in their shoes, but I have to think that's better than going to Scott, losing by 20 and watching all the district winners go to the Fieldhouse.
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