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Manual players say no to Prop 20


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"I'm completely against that (proposal)," Manual senior Nikos Lioutas said. "People would be wondering, 'Who's the better team?' If they did that, there wouldn't be games like this to work it out."


"This is a great rivalry. We've had great games throughout the years with St. X and other Catholic schools, and we've shown that public schools can compete with the private schools."


I wonder if Manual's "leadership" cares what their students think about Prop 20? :flame:


Crimsons go public by beating Tigers 3-2

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So you think she does not care what the kids/coaches think?

In my experience, No.


Trust me, I made plenty of opinions known to her in my time at Manual. (I know I seem really shy and introverted on BGP, but that's not the case in real life.) ;)

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ding ding ding ding.

We have a winner :thumb:





Bev: "What do you all want?! To listen to these students that have worked so hard sing your alma maters song, or play with beachballs?!"


All students, choir, and audience: "BEACHBALLS!!!"

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