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  1. Great idea! It can't get any better than your plan. Who really wants a playoff any way. LOL.
  2. This small public high school has won 5 out of the last 17, and they are complaining. LOL!!! Give me a break. "It's not fair. We did not win every time..." LOL!
  3. No one is talking about schools. They are talking about football.
  4. Interesting. This is the playoffs. It's time for other players to step up.
  5. Because we are not a democracy means we may not have the ability to vote for this soon. It's up to the House and Senate to give us the ability.
  6. Can you show me God's handwriting? My point is... humans wrote the rules they thought God would want. Being human rules, they are fallible.
  7. The main library downtown does a very good job. They have a lot of information which is not yet online. One day it will, but not yet.
  8. Why? Just because I don't want to give more of my money have more of my money taken from me and given to a government institution does not mean I shouldn't be allowed to use the library. I pay taxes to support the library. I have a right to use the library.
  9. Did God write the rules, or did humans write the rules?
  10. Pretty one sided article. A lot of crying going on down in TN.
  11. Hopefully we will see a Henry Clay vs Trinity game later this month. RUSHING GP Att Gain Loss Net Avg TD Long Avg/G ------------------------------------------------------------ Timmy Phillips 10 147 1120 88 1032 7.0 18 70 103.2 PASSING GP Effic Att-Cmp-Int Pct Yds TD Lng Avg/G ---------------------------------------------------------------- Will Stein 10 192.09 251-179-4 71.3 2447 32 73 244.7 RECEIVING GP No. Yds Avg TD Long Avg/G -------------------------------------------------- Nathan Dutton 10 71 959 13.5 13 57 95.9
  12. No problem at all. Or I could easily select my party. Either way, it's the same outcome. One is just easier than the other.
  13. I've done the research. I know what party most closely represents my values, views, and wishes. I vote for that party.
  14. I'm not going to lose sleep if you can't find the info. The highest they reached in any poll would be nice.
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