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  1. 11:11 left in 1st half, 35-0. I am making a wish for no injuries for either squad.
  2. Your money should take a look at Scrubb, he is also pretty tough.
  3. They went 1-3-1 in the first half except for m2m on 1st possession of 2nd. Trinity played 4-out & had guys standing in the seams. No dribble penetration, but lots of open 3s.
  4. Friday night NCAA games are tied to expensive, antiquated cable TV contracts & that's hurting these networks - the NFHS could come through with the coup de grace with a nationwide OTT offering of regional HS games of interest that crushes some college game between 2 mid-majors that is attractive in only a few TV markets & the rest of the country could give a rip about.
  5. A staggering array of numbers here: http://www.khsaa.org/football/2002/class4a.htm Male ran 89 offensive plays & made 41 first downs in a 48-minute game, went 8-12 on 3rd down & 7-10 in the red zone. And it wasn't quite enough to win. A truly incredible effort by both teams. :thumb:
  6. Touche' :lol: And may your cup of hot chocolate Saturday night be half-full rather than half-empty :lol:
  7. It means that they're the two best teams still playing in 6A. After watching St X muster a terrific 3rd quarter & then playing to a stalemate in the 4th on Friday, I have a hard time believing that SK will beat Trinity over three quarters. Trinity by 4+ TDs, just don't call me late for dinner.
  8. Nice playoff run by SK but Trinity wins easily, a la the T-Ryle final game a few years ago. Come to think of it, this feels like the T-Ryle final thread from a few years ago LOL.
  9. I hit the wrong button up there, I probably need my eyes checked...St X 45-7.
  10. St X's kids had a terrific season & put up a valiant effort in the title game. Congrats to the Rocks on bringing home the hardware, the dynasty continues. Trinity may need to start raising money for a second rotunda over there. "Darth" Beatty must be really good as the underdog, I can't imagine how good he would be if he had a chance to coach the "better team" just one time :lol:
  11. Agreed, 2 safeties on a rickshaw 20 yards off of the LOS, facing their own endzone would've been more effective than the defense they ran tonight.
  12. There was a substantial write-in movement for "What's Love Got To Do With It?" but we ended up with "One More Night" by Phil Collins.
  13. Well, that was a batting practice fastball right in your wheelhouse LOL. I didn't listen to the broadcast, but I saw what XgradROCKdad saw. The officials threw a flag for holding & I was thinking "how was that one any different than the last 10 alleged non-holds??"
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