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  1. All schools involved are class act programs with great tradition. Let all the traveling teams have a safe journey. Never underestimate Louisville Trinity..if you do bad things will happen. Manual is a young team that will be a force come playoff time in the great state of Kentucky. As for Louisville St.Xavier...If Cincy St.X thinks this will be a cake walk, forget it. Louisville St.X will bring it's A game with speed that can score from any part of the field. Good luck to all the teams.
  2. Trinity vs St.X rematch in December. Game will be in Bowling Green.
  3. As far as the speed, Iam sure Lou St.X top 3 fastest kids would not be in the top 10 at Cincy X. Should be interesting to see Lou St.X play has a huge underdog at home against superior Ohio talent.
  4. Kinda like UK getting exited about beating Miami Oh. Notre Dame is back. And so are the haters.
  5. Can't lump Trinity and Louisville St.Xavier in with the rest of the state of Kentucky. Lou St.X will show that this week.
  6. And to take a little further, looked rather average.
  7. Never count the Rocks out. People thought Cincy X would beat the Rocks last year...we all know what happened with that one.
  8. Sorry I just don't but into the greatness of Ohio football. Looked slow to me.
  9. Little ole Catholic school from Kentucky plays one of the almighty elites from Ohio. Cincy St.X surely is bigger, stronger and faster because they are from Ohio. I just hope our kids have fun. Louisville St.X 34 Cincy St.X 10
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