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  1. Trinity uses the Private School Aid Service, which I believe is based out of Ohio. They have a website that explains how they determine who gets assistance. You can Google them for a closer look.
  2. This was a great comeback by the Rocks. This team has certainly matured and improved since September. KJ Black was awesome. He was like Mike Vick Jr. Trinity's hook and ladder play was one of the best plays I have seen in a long time and showed just how great of an athlete Senn is. The pass was deflected and he still managed to get the ball and toss it.
  3. In 88, there were only three playoff games before the state game, so Manual won three that year.
  4. This is bizarre. Keepers, Sexton, and others know that kids from outside of Jefferson Co. are attending Jefferson Co. schools and then say the playing field is not level because we have a few kids outside of Jefferson Co. attending Trinity and X. There may be only a few at Manual, but they are obviously bright, talented students, who help give Manual an edge in CATS testing and overall school performance. You say that you don't know of any who play sports and I believe you, but the opportunity exists for any of these students to play sports if he or she chooses. The future star quarterback at Manual could come from New Albany.
  5. Great assessment of the CSAA and its players and parents. Theses same kids are parents are the reason why Trinity and X are consistently good. Almost all kids on Trinity and X come from these schools. I think this feeder system is overlooked or not understood by many in the state so they can't understand the winning consistency.
  6. I went to the website to double check the OUT OF COUNTY STUDENTS pay tuition sentence. Is this true? The way the website reads, Manual will accept out of county students for a fee. If this is true, how many kids at the school are from outside the county. On a side note, I did not create the thread to put down Male or Manual. I simply want to point out that one public school with private school-like advantages was getting beaten regularly by another school who is limited to a few middle schools as feeders. The point was that the advantages don't translate into wins.
  7. I personally would not mind percentages or other information being published because I know we are above board. As long as no names or financial information is released. The problem is, that a school should not have to prove its innocence. It is the burden of the accusers to prove guilt and that just isn't happening.
  8. About half of all Trinity students get financial aid of some sort and no one gets more than half of the tuition paid for. There are about 1400 boys at Trinity. If you'd like to educate yourself on financial aid, you can go our website, click on admissions and then on finacial aid. There is a link tio the financial aid service we use that might be informative. I don;t think you'll get info on how many kids play sports, as that is irrelevant to financial aid.
  9. Three out of four school administrators think there is a problem because over 75% of administrators in the KHSAA are from public schools. Just because there is a majority consensus doesn't make it right. At one point, most people thought the world was flat too. I could also tell you about public school kids I know who went to schools out of their district back in the 80s who were good at sports. Maybe it was somehow above board, maybe it wasn't. It is the job of school administrators to educate themselves about the facts instead of taking drastic measures like Prop 20.
  10. It's funny but sad at the same time. Proctor from Meade Co. was the main author of Prop 20. Beating them at Meade might give him ideas about the inequality of public schools vs. open enrollment public schools. P.S. Great win for Manual. :thumb:
  11. The whole no boundaries issue is way overblown. The vast majority, 95%+ boys on the team are from local louisville catholic schools, most probably within a ten mile radius. About half of all students at Trinity get financial aide which ranges from a few hundred dollars to half of tuition. I understand that many of the people who voted for Prop 20 are uninformed about this process. Financial aide is determined by a third party unintersted in your child's athletic ability. If a family has an interest in financial aide they can get the application simply by asking. Things may be different now, but when I was applying at Trinity everybody got the aide information, whether you asked for it or not. Very few people, and certainly not the coaches, at Trinity know who is getting aide.
  12. First of all, I don't look at Male or Manual as the enemy. I have great respect for their programs. My father played for Male and both of my grandfathers played for Manual so I do have an affinity for these schools. I also hope that Porp 20 fails. Just as Male or Manual winning state without beating T or X is a hollow victory, T or X winning state without beating Male or Manual along the way is hollow. I used Male and Manual in the thread as the best example of two public schools that draw from the same county, but one school (Manual) has a broader draw base. Male has had less in numbers to work with and accomplished more than Manual because they have had better coaching and better team discipline. The Miami comparison is off base. Are you really trying to tell me that Barret and JCTMS have the lock on the best athletes and that the academics at Manual are a deterrent? The point of the thread was to get people, not necessarily Male and Manual people, to think about the advantages of private schools and whether or not those advantages are overemphasized. How do we explain the fact that outside of 4A football, public schools like Boyle Co, Danville, and Belfry have dominated private schools in their classes? Too much emphasis in this debate has been on what the private schools can do to limit themselves or how they can compromise and give up advantages we've earned and there has not been enough emphasis on what the public schools can do to make themselves better. The state needs to look at programs like Male, Manual, Boyle, Danville, etc. and try to emulate their success instead of taking the easy way out.
  13. In essence, Manual will get better athletes and improve the program due to good coaching and the style of football played which is resulting in wins and narrowing the gap with Male. Coaching, style, and winning is attracting athletes which is helping gain an advantage. This sounds familiar.
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