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Spurs vs Lakers - Western Conference Finals

Who wins this series?  

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  1. 1. Who wins this series?

    • Spurs in 4
    • Lakers in 4
    • Spurs in 5
    • Lakers in 5
    • Spurs in 6
    • Lakers in 6
    • Spurs in 7
    • Lakers in 7

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Hornets are making the Spurs look silly. I haven't gotten to watch Paul all that much this year but me just blows by Parker, Vaugh, or anyone else they put on him. Getting nervous yet HB? Spurs had a good run but it's over now time to start rebuilding.



The Spurs are just playing awful right now. They're not a great road team though..


They're gonna have to win the next two in San Antonio, and then steal one in New Orleans. They're an experienced team, so if any team can do it, it is the Spurs.



Not this time and I can't wait to see HB with an awesome Lakers/Kobe avatar. :thumb:


Bad road teams dont win titles.


They didn't just get beat, they got smoked the first two games. They have nobody to put on Paul. Bowen is supposed to be the stopper and he cant keep up, they put Parker in a mismatch against a bigger guy, they cant get a hand in Peja's face, the post guys cant get out on West for his jumper, and Chandler is tough to deal with on the boards. I don't think the Hornets match up very well at all with the Hornets. Could end up being a short series if the Spurs dont figure something out.


Shocking. Look at this series for what it is. The Spurs have been outmatched and outcoached BADLY in two straight games. Things very well could turn around, but the evidence is behind the Hornets. It is easily your HEAVY bias that lets you see things the way you see them here.



I think we're seeing another shift in the NBA...I think the Mavs, Spurs, Suns are giving way to the younger, up and coming teams like LA, NO and Utah.



I was thinking the same thing when watching the Spurs, they just look old compared to New Orleans.


Isn't it funny how that same word, old, has been thrown around to describe Phoenix and Dallas. Shall be an interesting off season for those teams that aren't getting any younger. I guess if you are a Spurs fan, you are happy that you got all those titles, cause you may not win another one for a while. :thumb:


Stick a fork in them, they're done!


The Spurs have no one close to Chris Paul's level and it's shown so far this series. He made Tony Parker and Bruce Bowen look silly numerous times last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit as well. :thumb:


Didn't get to see any of the Spurs game because of work but it sounds like they are ready to take this series. I like NO in 7 though.


No pictures of this one HB?


Let me help. I enjoy the pictures. :D:D





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