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8th Region

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Simon???? Every year it supposed to be Simon,


1. Oldham

2. Anderson

3. Shelby

4. Simon

best player Billy Payne/Eric Dunlap

or C.J. Penny


sleepers: Gallatin, Henry, North, South, Owen



I agree! One hundred percent. Its always simon. and well, they never finish it(never come through at the end of the year). So, this year after graduating everyone pretty much on their team, this year will be a down year. I don't look for them to be as strong as people say or think.

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The 8th Region is like the old Big Ten in football....


Its the Big Two (Oldham and Shelby) and the little (everyone else).


Until Simon, North, South or Anderson make any noise at the end of the year, or in any major tournament like the KOB, the 5th 3rd, etc.,, Oldham and Shelby roll on year after year.


Thats the facts.

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I think SK is a top 2 or 3 team this year in the 8th.


They have a big guy in Brandon Maegley, outstanding outside shooters in Slavey & Barnes, and very athletic player in Lane. Plus, they will have a good bench.


IMO: SK makes it to the 8th regional final for a third straight year and has a very good chance of winning it.

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I agree with Lane being there all around best player,but brandom Maegley seems soft? And Slavey and Barnes? Just seem like they don't have enough varsity mins under their belts yet. I think the team is not like last years or years before, and they wont have the leadership to carry them that far this year.

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What do you think the small schools will do this year in the 8th? Will-Town(New coach this year), Grant Co? Carroll? Where will they fall this up and coming season?


Grant Co. a small school? Grant County is a 5A team in football. They are far from small. Williamstown will be at the botom again. Carroll will be better but they will still struggle. From what I saw in the summer, Owen looked pretty strong with the Gamble kid becoming their new Neely/Toole. It seems like they have on good player every year.

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