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  1. folks that made that show was definitely on something... Jimmy and the magic flute and, of course, the villain was Witchie Poo as I recall. I think the someone was 'puffing the magic dragon' when they dreamed up that show.
  2. Last week I was taken with a touch of the strep throat and had to stay home a few days from work because of it. I am felling much better now. When I arrived at work Monday, my coworkers commented about the message I left for them notifying them of my absence. I will not be in the office today because I spent the night in the 'throws of fever' and do not feel well. This has made me think about other sayings / quotes I have heard over the years and wanted to hear some of yours.
  3. WOW Clyde, Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Hennigan would be proud. I didn't even know what a 'perjorative' was until I looked it up! Here you go using it in it's exact meaning and pretext. :p
  4. I am uncertain about undefeated middle school records or what have you. However, the point is these kids can play ball and all have bought into a system that Jones himself has worked hard to build from the grade school levels on up. By the time they are in 9th grade, these kids have had a lot of exposure to Jones and his staff through various camps he holds, and games he attends. This exposure gets them somewhat prepared for what is to come so the learning curves are not so drastic. Besides all of that, the kids seem to love to play for Jones and will give it all on the court when they lace it up. Not many other programs at the small school level can say that.
  5. There was a thread in this forum about letting a more physical team take advantage of teams that are less physical. A foul is a foul. Admittedly there are some bad officials in the 8th, but there are just as many in all regions. Luck of the draw in my opinion. Like every region, there is a top tier of officials, a mid level tier, and a bottom tier. Generally the bottom tier does not see varsity games much. The top tier gets the tougher matchups where conference and district play is involved this time of year. While the middle tier gets what is left of the varsity games. I am sorry, but a WV vs Highlands non district game would not garner the draw of the top tier officials from the assigner during this point of the season. It would have been the same level of officiating had the game been played in Highlands gym, maybe the calls would have been different, but the level of the officials would have been about the same.
  6. You folks make it sound like this referee gig is a regular cash cow. Probably the reason that so many are just beating a path to the door to get signed up.
  7. Unlike the casual fan such as yourself that DOES know it all, huh?
  8. It was a fun game to watch and I am glad that Gallatin won!. Congrats to the Wildcats, and also the Warriors. Keep working hard boys and believe in your abilities.
  9. I have never known of any referee that ever fouled a player, as your comments would imply they have done.:lol:
  10. Congratulations to Gallatin County on a nice win! Bring home another regional title boys!!!
  11. I'll be there Wednesday night, and I will catch up with y'all again at Eminence later this week. See you then...
  12. Nice article about a good man, and fellow official. Basketball referee found his calling 52 years ago Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2011/01/25/1610133/basketball-referee-found-his-calling.html#ixzz1C3gSCV5j Seemingly Cornbread has been around forever and has undoubtedly impacted the lives of many of the young folks for which he has called games. Like him or not, Cornbread is a class act.
  13. Mrs. Gifford has given her pound of flesh. I would be very disheartened if she were forced to step down BEFORE a determination can be made as to what the extent of her recovery will actually be. Say, for example, that she has all her mental faculties remaining, but is limited in her mobility and is not bed ridden (which seems as if she will not be at this point). We have mechanisms to handle such a disability. Forcing her out before we know anything more certain, regardless of the time lapse, is flat wrong. Let her rehab.
  14. I have worked in the 9th and 8th regions over the years. 8th region training program exceeds the 9th by far. Still it is incumbent upon all officials, regardless of the sport, to know the rules of the game foremost w/o a question. There is no defense for missing a rule's application during a game. A close 2nd to rules knowledge is to be able to use good officiating mechanics. This not only helps you and your partner administer the game, but allows for formal communication to everyone involved... including the fans. Another thought here about training for officials. I have noticed a lot of 'new' officials (in terms of experience - not age ). I think this has a direct correlation to these folks needing to make supplemental income due to the bad economic times we live in today.
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