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  1. Let me rephrase. I've seen parents deliver a Gatorade to their children either directly, through an assistant coach, or through a team manager between the tip-off and the final horn several times.
  2. I think I would still bet on SK over Scott every time. Regardless of what happened last week.
  3. It bugs me when parents go over to the bench, during the game, to give their son or daughter a Gatorade. When I was a kid, my mom never approached the bench during a game to give me anything. I drank from the jug at the end of the bench. Am I just too much of a stick in the mud?
  4. I walked to school in 1st grade. I walked to Pasquales, to Schneiders, the Marianne theatre, to the Bellevue vets all the time.
  5. I've never been a fan of Chris Mack. But he is a better coach than I.
  6. The guy who voted for Aaron Sele, Richie Sexson, Jacques jones, and yes Jose Rijo could be considered as dumb voters.
  7. 1. The whole "disadvantage" this is subjective. If you reach with contact and I pick up my dribble, then I am at a disadvantage. IF the reach with contact caused me to travel or commit an offensive foul, then I am at a disadvantage. 2. Is there any such thing as an Offensive Kick?
  8. Has the chances for snow in NKY increased since yesterday?
  9. It was a key component to the game and not something you see very often. I was not at the game and am curious as to what happened. The majority of the posts I see imply that the bump was not on purpose and that the team played well in spite of it.
  10. I don't think "Over the Back" is an actual rule anymore. You never see refs make the old hand motion. I think they just call it a push.
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