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  1. Well at times it was a good game. Unfortunately, Scott still can not seem to put together long runs, nor stop long runs (typically indiactive of youth). Next up is this weekends September Slam!!!! The girls will be a lot of volleyball. It would a great time to grow by leaps and bounds!!!!
  2. Like I said.....an interesting hodge podge. Cant wait!!!!
  3. After a pretty grueling schedule of tough teams and top teams. The very YOUNG Scott Eagles look to get on track this Wednesday before entering this weekends September Slam. Coach Sullivan has run the gambit of different lineups and rotations this season and appears to be settling in to a combination that works. I look for this to be good game to watch no matter the outcome.
  4. Scott will be an interesting hodge podge of returning veterans (Seigrist, Allen, etc.), upcoming youth and at least one returner missing from action last season.
  5. Look for the Scott girls to put up an interesting year. They return all 4 girls from last year's 4x100 and 4x200 teams. Both teams went to state and featured 1 soph, 1 Frosh and 2 8th graders.
  6. 25? Yeah I'd give that blow out status. And I could make the same excuse about missing talent and flu illness also but a loss is a loss. But feel free to continue to slam kids who played their guts out so you can gain your moral victory.
  7. Yes sacrifices must be made, but anything is doable with communication, effort and comprmise.
  8. Don't see the problem. We've made it work for years!!!! And now on the 2nd go around and still making it work. Not going to say it's easy. As a parents we log about 50k miles a year tween our vehicles. But it is doable.
  9. Again, it's about the kids and what do the kids want to do. There is more than one setter and more than one point guard to be had. What would you do if the player became injured during the season and had to miss several weeks? Kick them off the team?? No, you build your team with positional back ups and wait for them to get healthy to be slowly reintegrate back in.
  10. If the kid was good enough to make the team and the band, and they are willing to make the necessary time commitment to practice and they really want then absolutely yes. You find a way to make it work. In spring my daughter played AAU basketball for one of the top NKY Teams, Softball and ran Track for her HS. After school she had track practice till 430, Softball practice till 6 and AAU practice (2-3x/wk) till 8:30. We had great coaches, great communication and established flexible priorities with each. Was it challenging? Was it time consuming? Were there missed events? Yes, yes and yes. Was it worth it??? I asked her for this answer and got a resounding HELL YES!!!!
  11. Because it's all about the coaches right????
  12. Agreed. This is my second go round in girls sports. My oldest played year round. Each season built on skills underused in the previous season. From VBall season it was jumping, from basketball season it was acceleration and endurance. From track it was speed at greater distances (100 & 200). From Softball it was refined hand eye coordination, and AAU basketball strength and quickness. As a side benefit there was never any time to get into trouble as homework seemed to fill the rest of the time.
  13. Hardly call 12 a blow out, specially when you factor fouling in at the end of a game. And it was great game to watch. But as I said in another thread it was going to be more about WHO had more left in the tank after the previous nights games than the talent on the court. GRC additional depth was big factor in the end. Congrats to GRC. They are clearly playing the best team Bball in the 10th right now and peaking at the right time. Congrats to Lexi. I'm sure she will have an impact at the next level. And for the rest of us it's track, club or AAU is up next. And for some all 3.
  14. Welcome to our world every game. That said, even with every frustration I have with refs, I have to remind myself that it is a thankless job, that it's 3 people trying to manage 10 players, half a dozen coaches and hundreds of fans in attendance. And no matter how good they are 3 will never see more than hundreds...... So while they drive me crazy, I also give them a tip of the hat for the job they do.....and of course a helping hand (vocally) at EVERY game!!!
  15. Congrats to GRC. You guys have some great girls that were a joy to watch. Our girls played their guts out tonight and rose to every challenge. Just couldn't close the gap, giving up to many empty trips down the court. Best of luck to you guys at state, bri g that trophy back home to the 10th!!!!
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